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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guyswelcome to sis andtoday i’m gonna be making pancakesso let’s do it i’m gonna show you guyshowhold on i’ll be back though i’m gonnaget these other this other pancake mixthat we haven’t opened and there’s likerecipes on the back i guessoh there it is so i’m gonna try usingthemi know i’m gonna make pancakes for youdon’t worryso it says chopped pecansfrozen fruit blueberries um okaywell i’m gonna do these wafflesone so firstis the one and onone kind of like half cup of waterso i’m just gonna take a cupliterally a cup and i’m just gonnasorry guys that was just the sound ofthe waterput some water in here it’s not a halfcupso a half cup is like a cup and thenhalfso i’m gonna do that andnext is two cups of the mixit’s the same mix in here thoughso i’m gonna do that and then twotablespoons of oilit’s a waffles one but i’m not makingwaffles i’m makingpancakes onhereyou guys like literally get to see thewhole house kind ofthere my room’s over therethere there it is the poster yeahokay so let’s just pour the water infirst i guessi’m just gonna put in a cupthen get the mix and i’m gonna get mineum i’m gonna have to change the name andyeah guys i’m sorry that i said i’mgonna tell you what the name’s gonna bebut i’m not really gonna change it soyou’ll just see what it is byeso yeahso um my dad said eight of theseone-eighth cups will get umone cup so let’s do that it looks sogrossi’ll show you guysokay can you please um put thegirl thing this thing magic that hookson um can you just liketurn the heat up on it preheat italso guys you gotta preheat your oven imean your umstove topi don’t even know the name just turn thething the grillor whatever you make it on you turn ittoohigh heat kind of i mean low heaton 250 degrees but if you don’t havethat just turn itlike a on low heat to at leastto four degreesso yeah now since i’m done putting thebatter in i’m sorry sincei’m done puttingsince i’m done putting the batteringi’ll show you guys nothing coolno not that small one i’m sorry guys youcan see like thewhole house or the kitchen and not meand my brothermaking thingsis[Music]it on the warm gritnot really a grill but like thething we’re gonna make it on so let’smixand i’ll show you guys whenit’s all mixed in okay guysso i am back and doneno it’s not really done there’s stillsome chunksbut it’s like kind of like it the umflowers like all mixed in okaylike that now i’m just gonnaokay guys so it’s all mixed in andi’ll show you guys but first let me putthis over hereso i can put you guys over hereand i’ll move this big thingand it’s right herehere it is i’m going to keep missingit’s the secondthing the second second umhint for the sampling that we gotyesterdayis it’s bouncyyeah you guys will see i think you guysalready guessed what it isokay guys so it’s like all mixed in andthere’s much but what’s that smell it’sthat it’seating them and now it’s adding twotablespoons oilit’s hot[Music]yeah what the heck i don’t knowi don’t know why but this is the onlyoil well we have other oil but we needto finish this one firsti don’t know how much two tablespoons isthat muchnow you will skip this crystalokay guys so i put two tablespoons ofoil inas you saw andmy brother my brotherum said two tablespoons is only thatmuch ii thought it was way moreso guys me and my brother wereum saying how much we were likewhen i put the oil in i was likehe thought i put in more okay i’ll showyou how much it takes a lotmore tables for this two tablespoonsyou got one of them okay so i think thisis ready now how did we even get thatbaby spoonokay guys so i’ll i’ll come back to youi’ll show you guyswhen um it’s all mixed and it’s ready toput onthat you can see it but okay guysso i’m done with it soi’m sure not a lotit’s not thick a lot it’s pretty thinyou don’t want it too thick what wasthat soundlet’s just start heating upokay and now you want 59[Music]now i’m gonna point[Music]now let’s get it let’s place it onso how you do it is well i just like topour iti’m gonna put a couple on there as youguyssee mei don’t know who my that my brother is[Music]there’s two pancakes on there[Music]okay guys welli mean um uh we have like no internetbecauseour internet thing wasbad so our dad umdisconnected it and he used umi think he’s at the store buying anotheronenow we can turn the heat upto 300.and yes i am responsible around firesaround knives and things yes i ami have no quote he saidbut okay you guys probablyokay now let’s check on thisi’m gonna have to let that cook but i’mgonnaflip it even though it’s not readyit’s not readyalso guys if you didn’t like listen orfollow alongto how much i had to add um how much iaddedand i’ll tell you how much pancakes igotand um i’ll put the inlike how much i belonghopefully if i can and if i canperfect let’s check on thisoh nice not flip itoutside this one’s goodperfect golden brownguys you want it golden brownviewerswell okay over and overyou want to make it like kind of quickso that it’s not alllike cold and it’s not crusty and hardi’m not gonna turn the heat up too muchbecause theni’m gonna because then it’s gonna be waytoo hotand just gonna bake let’s take this one off and put it onour plateand take this one off and put it on ourplateand i’m gonna let the rest fake and i’mjust gonna putmore of the pancake batter oni’ve gotten umcount firsti’ve gottenseven pancakes so far so you guys knowyou’ll make more than seven for yourkidsor if you are kids you’ll make more thanseven for your siblings or your momor your dadalso if i can turn thisif i can turn the comments on orif they are on thenguys um please comment down belowwhat your favorite top what yourfavorite thing to put on the pancake isi don’t think that makes sense but whatyour favorite thing to put onthe pancake syrup honeyi won’t judge you don’t worry i likehoneytoo close sorry there we goso i’m just mixing the batter because isee a couple of chunksi’m gonna just scoop it right upi think this is the perfect size not toobig and not too smallplus it tastes delicious[Music]almostokay guys so i’m gonna show you whenit’s all done and i’ll show youmy pancakes rightthere okay goodnow let’s take the giant towel leaningtower of pancakesover hereandokay guys so me and my brother finishedeatingnow we’re gonna take you outside it’s sobrighti don’t think you guys can actually seeme a lotbut i’m not heredid you get the water bubble so thesurprise nothe surprise was a trampoline14 feet yeah let’s go in itand yes it’s at our houseisn’t that so cooli’m gonna do a flipand i’m gonna keep you guys okay i’llshow you guys my brotherthat was kind of exactly the same myturnnow time to do a side flip[Music]yeah hope you guys enjoyed the videomake sure to like and subscribeturn the notification bell on so youknow whenever we post a new videobye guys[Music]

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