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Learn to make Pancakes in 2 mins|Very Easy and Quick|Mother’s Day Special|पैनकेक सीखे 2 मिनट मे ।

On Mother’s Day Angel Nayra surprises her mother and cooks Pancakes for her_
Easy and Quick to make recipe_Everyone can learn the same in 2 mins_Special appreciation for all the Mothers in the world_We salute your Dedication and Passion to make the lives of your children Blessed_Happy Mothers Day

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]so we take a little and I crack it inthe ball and I crack it in the ball thenI take a little egg and crack it in thebowldo you know what I’ve done I’ll cracksome eggs then I take a little flour andI take a little flour and I add it tothe bowl then I take a little flowerand I had to do the ball do you knowwhat I’ve done I’ve added flowers then Itake a little milk and I pour it in thebowl and I’ll take a realand I’m for it in the ball then I take alittle new and I pour it in the bowldo you know what I’ve done I’ll put somemilk then I mix it all around and I’llmix it all around and I’ll mix it allaround and I mix it all around then Imix it around and I mix it all arounddo you know what I’ve done I’ve mixed itall aroundthen I scooped it in a pan and I mr. Band I’m flipping around[Music]and I cook the other side[Music]

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