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I’m so bored that I cooked pancakes for myself *引きこもり中に朝ごはん作った〜*

let’s cook breakfast together and start a better day 🌞

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Video Transcription

hey guys how are you this is Anna sotoday I just like wanted to make abreakfast with you guys I just stay inhome for such a long time and I justlike when I start a day in a good wayand I brought like these kind of pancakemix because I’m too lazy like to makelike something out of flour baking sodaand everything so I just got this andit’s like so simple let’s just getstartedso I’m peeling bananas skin and I put itin a like Bowl like I don’t have anylike propofol or anything because I justmoved and also I don’t cook usually thisis really a crisis for me I mean like Imight know how to pick I don’t know Ican’t do basic things but then I reallyreally don’t prefer to cook because it’sjust so hard for me like to think of aportion for a single person whenever Icook and I don’t want to destroy orwaste any food and I feel like it’s evenlike cheaper whenever I think I’ll costof moneyoh my god cost of time as well like tojust drive food outside and oh so it’slike more delicious but then this timemost of the places are closed ok so nowI’m mushing banana out by the way mycafe has also closed the other day so Ididn’t work anymore either so I onlystudy at home and that’s all that I doshould I go backlike did you can’t ever really so I’mtrying to make a portion for only oneperson so the recipe says that’s 420pancakes of 6-inch um so about like thissize and 20 of thisI obviously can’t make for the bymyselfI’m trying to make 1/3 of it I’m gonnahave at least like six sub because 18divided 36 already I can’t do math I’mgonna put a cake oh my god the recipedidn’t mention about the egg so I’m notgonna oh yeah I need to put water in it2 and 0so basically everything I didn’t puteverything right now I’m pretty surethis is not right like it’s like toomushy a little more food cares it’sgonna be okaybecause it looks just so heavy itdoesn’t look this heavy at all what didhe do I put a little more maybe I puttoo much bigger whatever it’s kind ofthat okay now just so I don’t have likemuch cooking equipment even the plate Ionly have this I want it like more likewhite cube come play like I don’t haveone okay so then I’m gonna go bake thisCopley’s gonna worry I am not really abig fan of Starbucks coffee but like Ijust think one like iced mocha and youcan just let go to stop by like it’sjust so close everywhere I mean it’s allclosed and I was like yes oh theychecking the range and then like youknow Nana’s green tea like this one andVancouver I saw and I was like oh my godI’m gonna order this I think they’reopen so I’m gonna order like ice wedge alatte andavocado tuna baseball today I’m gonnajust say study for it so I have like mymidterm the day after tomorrow it’sgonna be online I’m just like trying tolike make every single day productiveand I’m failing every single day I feelin a way like hey like what doesproductive day even mean maybe like youdeserve to sleep whole day that’s whatyou need it and that’ll be yourproductive day that you like sleep or awhole day right I’m like but I reallyreally need to like make todayproductive being said that I reallyreally need to make today productivebecause I need to finish reading thepaper finish reading the textbook andthen review the notebook I mean likeit’s not like a hard class so like it’snot the worst if you don’t study you getzero right oh my god I really want totalk with the guys but like I havenothing to talk about like because I’vebeen just like stuck at home like for aweek or anything daily life is not thereanymore I can’t have my like daily byyour normal life that I hang out with myfriend I’m so tired but I need to likego work and I need to like go to collegeyou know but everything I just thinkmissed everythingI just now appreciate like the housenormal life was not like making thisbanana pancake from the morning oh youdon’t have timemake any breakfast at all I alwaysdidn’t have breakfast I only have abouta maybe like on the way to college ormaybe at work like not just breakfast Ididn’t have time to even cook for myselfand now I do I’m just like cookingeating all day like even 10 meals a dayyou know so I can’t go to the gym so I’mso concerned like how it’s gonna be – mybuddyI’ve been doing this workout with Seanlike say so why don’t you catch thisgirl it’s like do be like like I workout like I’m like I can’t even do likeany single movement that she’s doingI’ve been cutting Banyana the last oneis like too big by comparing to otherones which is okay it’s homemade guysit’s homemade banana pancakes and Ican’t like stop eating these like pecannuts like this makes you even like feelsleepy this is good this is good itturned out like better than I thoughtI’m just so surprised how it turned outthey’re just much better than I expectedit’s 11 right yeah and these guys are myquarantines now like Pocky like this isKorean Pocky and I had more I finishedmost of the Meuse what okay so Nana’sgreen to you what it says currentlyunavailable what the hell man how comewhen is it going to be available I’m sodisappointed I don’t knowI feel like only like subway tunnelspick those are only open and Virginiaramen bar like ramen is open I justorder I’ll just try out later like anhour later or something I’m sure that Ihad to fight to go back to Japan gotaround meet April and I booked theticket and January like right beforelike grown-up thing happened but to behonest like I didn’t really expect thatbut this would be like this big issuelike all around the world like taking iteasy but then later everything happenedand now I think and I won’t get peoplefrom other countries like who are not acitizen of Canada like they don’t letthose people and at this at this timewhich totally makes sense so if I goback I won’t be able to come back likethis is a problem and I need to likedeal with my visa extensionI never say cow so that’s why I booked afly it with my friend so if we canceltogether and but now like I’m kind ofthinking if it’s kind of safer or atleast like I have something to do if Igo back to Japan for a while like threemonths or something like not just like amonth definitely I need to quarantinefor like two weeks like after I arrivedthere I’m thinking that as mypossibility you knowit just makes so serious issue okay guystakes a lot for watching my video todayI only I only cook them a that’s allthat I did I hope like maybe you guyscould cook together me all I tried tohave a like like enjoyable morning withme and hopefully I can see you soonthey take care I[Music]

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