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Video Transcription

[Music]and in this crazy world where things aregetting chaotic everything is scary noone can leave their house we need somecomfort food and what is better comfortfood then some pancakes but today I willbe making traditional pancakesI will be making a Korean type ofpancake called pattern now as to wheretraditional American pancakes aresweeter and fluffy and typically brownKorean pancakes at least the style someare on the savory side with a lot ofvegetables and it’s crispy and flaky andthe ship so I’ve never made this beforesoit’ll be fun I’m ready I got my hair ina ponytail I got my eyebrows on let’s golet’s do it all right so diversity let’sget a medium saucepan BAM and we’regonna make the sauce the sauce is thekey and important part of this recipe ifyou don’t have this awesome pancake thenwhat you doing like pancakes withoutsyrup you gotta have it so mix ouringredients first is 1/3 cup of lowsodium at those sodium soy sauce[Music]it’s always gonna have a special andthen two tablespoons of riceand two tablespoons the only faster[Music][Music][Applause]watch me[Music][Applause][Applause]now that it’s mixed we’re gonna put iton the stove on medium heat and then letthat boy that’s one you’re gonna want tocut eight scallions into one-inchsections and then you’re going to alsowant to julienne one carrot[Applause][Music]a few minutes latera quarter teaspoon of sugar and thenhalf a teaspoon of salt[Music]it could just be[Music][Music][Applause]I did it I did it in this no shell thereis not a single shell yeah it wasn’tpretty but it was one little gratedpiece of garlic didn’t which I havealready done grated up camera okay andnow you just want to lightly fold itover with his spatula but don’t go toohard gently fold in half the carrots andthe green onions[Music]better believe it[Music]ok now that the oil is hot and ready togo we’re gonna pour in half the batterinto it to start forming the best partwhisk it alright so I just put it in andit’s cooking like that that’s my that’sme back a little too big but that’s[Music][Music]about three to four minutes on one sideflip it and then three of the fourminutes again on the other side whatshall we do we do three or four minutes[Music]I’ve been learning in the choreographyto Lisa from black/pinkher dance – I liked it it’s not goingvery well I want half of it I just can’tdo itreally it’s not great but I’m learningI’m getting therewe also do round dances yeah okay noweveryone hates me now cuz they downsorry sorry deaf again I can’t stop I’muncontrollable you can’t control me wecould do this thing[Music][Music]all right we’re back and I have cleanedher up she’s something may I add to thesauce I have some strawberries a littlebit of garnishshe’s looking pretty good so far I thinkas a person to tell it’s not that badagain it’s not the prettiest thing everthat’s probably on my part but hey wedid what we did I think it looks[Music]a little close-up view of it it came outpretty well the veggies are a niceconsistency I really like them like thisit’s kind of taste so that I can alreadytell it’s gonna be fired it’s gonna bejust just amazing at least I hope so atleast I hope[Music][Applause][Applause][Music]hey it’s okay good atmosphere news gonnataste bad as am I not cooking skills[Music][Applause][Music]five stars argument I’ll give it a pourif it’s the tenth missile thank you forjoining mealso excuse my pronunciation but thankyou for joining me on my first attempt[Music]ha ha psych I’m back ok I made a secondbatch and this one is already goingbetter because I use the more batter initI just finished cooking this I mean thisone looks way better than original yeahit’s better if you gives more powderthan none so that way it can justnaturally fit that round shape althoughlike I might have mentioned earlier Isee a lot of like recipe channels andstuff like that make it in like a squareshape tooso I don’t know and maybe it’s just apreference thing so whichever one youwant to do now this is really the end ofthe video thank you for the secondlittle journey you’ve come along with meand this is the actual by now so byethank you again for watching

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