yt 186596 How to make the classic American pancakes food lovers cook with me - How to make the classic American pancakes 🥞/ food lovers /cook with me
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How to make the classic American pancakes 🥞/ food lovers /cook with me

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200girl of flour
2 eggs
40g of melted butter
275ml of milk
6 table spoons of sugar
1 tea spoon of vanilla flavor
1/2 tea spoon of salt
1 1/2 table spoon of baking powder
Vegetable oil

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guyswelcome back to my channel so these arethe ingredients youneed for your pancake for your classicamerican pancakeso this is a video of everything i’mgoing to be using for the pancakethat’s the baking powder and the milkand the cupand so you start by sieving your flourthis is very necessary because you wantyour pancakes to come out light you wantyour blanket to come off fluffyand sometimes you have particles in yourflour so you have to save itprobably twice one time or twiceanywhere anyway you want itthen you just definitely you see someparticles just throw that outthen you start then you mix your egg asyou can see i just used just two eggslike i kept in the ingredientsnamely the endless so just two eggsthen you add six tablespoons of sugarbut if you have a person that lovestaking sugar you can add two morebecause when i was done it wasn’tit wasn’t that sweet because i’ve hadsome that way actuallythe sugar was more so if you want moresugar you can add it doesn’t affectthe pancake or anything soum then i’m pouring in my melted butteri’m sure everybody knows how to do thatjust put your butter in yourpan then it melts then just pointsinside there’s a particular measurementdo so follow itso yeah i’m pouring in the milk the milkfrom the cupso you just mix everything together soyeahokay so um the second part of it theflour the flour you sievedthen you put in half tablespoon of saltmake sure you put half because when iwas done i felt the tasteso you have to put off because caseythat mine was more than half so that’sthe vanillaum flavor also so just put a little thenthat’s the baking powderone and a half spoon of baking powderthen you mix mix it together mixeverything together before pouring itintothe first mixture that’s the egg themilk the buttermixture sorry i made a video of mepouring it inside but i don’t know howwe cut off my phone but you guys want toknow what i didso you mix together then here you pourthe oil in the pan as you can see i’mnot using thismuch oil i’m just using to like greasethe panas you can see any oil on the pan justto make itso the pancake will stick to the panso you leave the first part for oneminuteabout one minute then make sure you putit on low heat though not don’t make ithighso then you put the second part youleave the second part for one minutealsoso yeah yeah so your pancake is readysorry i don’t have an accent but likejust manage me like thatyeah we’re done thank you so much guysbye

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