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How to make pumpkin pancakes

Learn how to make quick and easy pumpkin pancakes

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Video Transcription

hey guys today I’m making some pumpkinpancakes I got inspired by a friend tomake these pancakes and ingredients soreally simple I’m using this here so youcan use whatever pancake mix up yourchoice you’re gonna need some eggs heresome milk and then cinnamon which I havealready put in there and then even needthe main ingredient or I guess thesignature ingredient which is just ahundred percent pure a you can I’m usingcanned I’m using a cup of the pancakemix I’m using half a cup of milk I’musing like a pinch of cinnamon and eggand now I’m gonna go ahead and addprobably about two teaspoons roughly ofpumpkin puree you’re gonna go ahead andmix things up next so I mix the batterreal good and I also poured it in like ameasuring cup like this just to make iteasier so when I’m making pancakes Ijust like pour my batter in the pan nowI did end up putting a third teaspoon ofthe pureed pumpkin and just a tiny bitmore milk because the batter was alittle bit dry so we’re gonna take usover to the stove and I’ll show you whatto do all right so I’m using the goodold Pam original spray you can make yourpen pancakes as big or as small as youwant I usually like to make them aboutlike a medium size so I’ll show you whatthey look like when they’re all cookthese guys these pancakes were so fluffyI wish you could see them in person butthey have like the color of pumpkin so Ilike to drizzle bypancakes with a little bit of honeythese are too many pancakes for oneperson but you’re really hungry you caneat all of this but I just drizzle mypancakes with some honey and just enjoyit like that

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  4. Good Morning Family. I love pumpkin waffles. Never had buttermilk syrup. Yummy looks delicious. Thanks for sharing. AWESOME easy recipe❤

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