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How to make pancakes for lazy morning people !! 💤

Hey guys I wanted to make a video were you can make a very famous type of cake you “can” eat in the “morning”. if you lazy woke up late and you don’t have pancake mix and feel like I said “lazy” to go to target and get pancake mix and drive back and falling half a sleep with out smashing your head On the floor and going to the hospital knowing you “grad” is just one day away then this is for you ! (BTW this didn’t happened to me I wanted to make dramatic) ! 🤦‍♀️😏😏 hope you guys make it ! Subscribe and like the video would help a lot also thanks for my 11 subscribe !! ▶️ I know it’s small but thanks for all of the support from all of you guys !! 🥳🥳

Original of the video here

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