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Video Transcription

yes this is gonna be how to makepancakes for our school projectso yeah we’re gonna need severaltablespoons of flour half a pair of milk2 eggs and vegetable to you know cleanthe pan so it doesn’t stick economy theword that well so first of all you don’twant to crack the eggs they could allwant to whisk it while tiding prettyminis of milk should watch the fast food:hey guys and once you’ve been listeningfor a while should get a mix like thisand what I normally do is I prepare aplate with sugar and cinnamon I spreadit out so you can put your pancakes onthere after but yeah you’re gonna wantthe punch of your medium heat and yetit’s probably mixing from that so I’mmedium heat you’re gonna want to pour inyour mixture you don’t want to pour toomuchthe edge of the pan what’s wrong withthat from next to worry a weird-lookingpancake leave that for around 40 secondsand flip on it’s time leave that for asecondWow something that’s gonna want to liftup put on your plate over here go niceand they go and sit there for a minutewow you want to well this is what Inormally do get a tiny bit of sugar I’musing dog food this and just spread itout on plate real quick now you did theexact same assuming they go you’re quitea pancake and

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