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How to Make PANCAKES 🥞

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Video Transcription

hi guys so today I’ll show you guys howto make these wonderful yummy pancakesthat I learned from a recipe and they’rereally really good and I think they’rereally soft fluffy and amazing so let’sget started it with and I’ll show youguys how hey okay so let’s get startedwith these ingredients you will need abowl and an egg one egg you will alsoneed some sugar salt baking powder andalong with some baking soda and you willalso need some milk of movies and gallonand some oil any kind of oil will workand some flour so let’s get startedfirstI may be moving you can lay down okay sothe first thing you’ll need is an eggand I’m just going to be cracking theegg into my bowl so I’m just gonna becracking with a knife and putting itinside my bowl and I got some shells inthere actually as you can see rightthere lots of shells here and there soI’m going to be fast-forwarding it andtrying to get those chills out of there[Music]okay so I’m done with that now we’regonna be adding the sugar into the bowland if you have two eggs then add morebut if you have few like one egg justadd this in now like I did just see howmuch um how big your egg is and add thatsame amount of sugar that’s how minelooks right now so I’m going to bewhisking it all together okay so nowyou’re gonna be adding some salt intoyour mixture and okay now you will beadding some baking powder into yourmixture and you just need a teaspoon ofthat you don’t need too much that’s justwhat makes it more thicker and maybe adda little bit and also you’re going to bemixing that up alsookay now you’re going to be adding yourbaking soda in table and this will whatwill make it like pop when you try tofry it and it’ll make bubbles on the topand I like popping your fry it and youguys will see what I’m talking aboutwhen they cook it so you can be adding alittle bit of that also don’t add toomuch and also you’re just going to giveit a whisk and it mix it all up okay sothat’s how my looks just like yellowplane thing doesn’t look like pancakesright now but now you are going to beadding your oil into your bowl you canuse vegetable oil olive oil but I’m justgonna be using regular oil and like Isaid I’m not going to be adding too muchchimps gonna be adding a little bit ofoil because my egg and my little eggbatter is kind of little so I’m going toadding a little bit of oil into mymixture giving it a list so you give ita nice mix there’s my brother guys okaynow I’m just gonna say that my hands arekind of oily so I’m gonna wash my handsbecause I got some oil and my hands arereally oily so I’m gonna be Washingtonokay we’re back now I’m just going to bemixing it again okay so that’s done okaynow what do you do oh yeah so now you’regonna be adding your silly milk intohere there’s a face but I’m going to beadding my gallon of milk but you guyscan also use other kinds of milk if theguys like but I just like to use gallonmilk cuz I think it works um more betterthen it does so I’m gonna be adding somegallon of milk into my batter like thatperfect a little bit more a little bitmore DeLong’s of wings a little bit morethere you go very good and how much milkyou added to your batter that’s how muchbetter you’ll get and I’m not gonna addtoo too much because when you add theflour it’s gonna be even more and I’mjust gonna give that a whisk and rightnow it looks like a looks white in thecamera but duction like a paler Skypenow finally we get to add the flour andthat’s what make it morethe batter that’s what make it thick andgood and I’m gonna be making minipancakes so I’m gonna be adding a littlemore flour because little pancakes youdon’t need it to be like liquidy becauseyou don’t want it to spread aroundeverywhere and I’m also moving thecamera so I can have a little bit moreroom because I think it’s just too closeand I’m going and moving things aroundsorry about that guys but yeah there wegookay now it’s more neither included okayso now like I was saying I’m going to bemaking little pancakes so I don’t needit too much of anything I just need alittle bit more flour because I want itto stay in its own shape and it’s alittle bit bigger so let’s just and I’mthinking of using this spoon and I’mgoing to be adding a decent amount ofthat I don’t want I just gonna add alittle bit more and a decent amount so Icould just whisk it at the same time andjust it’s going to be very um moreeasier to mix with I guess and it’s notgoing to make a big mess also so I’mjust gonna give that a rest[Music]okay guys so I’m just gonna keep onmixing you keep on mixing again and asyou guys will notice throughout thevideo I’m gonna say it’s gonna be goodit’s below low but I’m not gonna haveenough flour to be honest I will nothave enough flour so that’s why I mean Iadd a little bit more flour into thereand don’t add too like don’t do it toohard because it does get on your shirtand it kind of like like splotches onyour shirt and you have to like wipe itoff kind of and you’ll see me do thatbut yeah you’re just gonna keep onwhisking it up nice steady guys mybrother againso now I’m just gonna be adding thewhole thing in like that and move it allup[Music]okay so right now that is how it looksbut I do add some more flour off-camerabut for now let’s go and fry thepancakes okay guys so right now the panis frying and you guys can see thatsteam that means it’s ready and I alsoput some oil on top so doesn’t itdoesn’t stick and it brings out pull itto the edges now here’s my batter hereis the big boythere is the batter and I’m just gonnabe taking a little bit because I wantmini pancakes like I said I don’t wanttoo big because I’m making pretty niceI’m gonna take a little bit of batterand I’m going to be putting it on thepan there’s my sister my very crazysister trying to annoy me againhahaha you’re so funny I oughtaplease gonna have the video Scioto okayfineso now there’s the pink cake and rightnow I put on high mode but you guys willalso see like Poppy’s threw out the pinkcake and that’s when they cannot puff upwhen you’re trying to cook it and you’llmake it and that’s how it looks goldenand brown it looks so amazing perfectokay when you flip the pink cake butit’s fine there’s the pancake guys thereis big cakeso the pigs are ready and looks sodeliciousso golden brownish and so you there’s solittle pink cakes and let’s give it atry shall we but before we do that let’sjust cut it open and look at that heatcoming from that guy’s I don’t know ifyou guys can see it but there it isthick fluffy amazing warm anything youguys want to call it so let’s give it ataste testmmm that is the most best pancakes I’veever had you can also put syrup to tellus anything else guys anything I want soI hope you guys enjoyed please subscribeto my channel also click thatnotification bell and I’ll see you guysnext time bye guys I love you[Music]

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