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How to make pancakes 🥞🥞🥞

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Video Transcription

so today I’m gonna be making pancakes sowhat I did was I took a bowl of pancakemix and put it into my bow tie gettingbow and then I took my egg the both yolkand the white um I’ve had it it Icracked one and put it in thereand then next I added a little bit ofmilk for just for now only a little bitfirst and then I started stirring inwith the spoonyouI didn’t want lumps or to be me kind ofchunky so I added more milk and I justkeep stirring you know keep mixingyouso I decided to add a pinch of saltyouso for cooking I used a ladle and scoopit scoop some batter up and pour it intothe pan and I let the pan let let thehand cakeyouafter some time I felt like it was kindof cooking so I took us battle and tryto like you know get the edges out firstand at this moment I wanted to flip itbut at the same time I didn’t want tocuz I didn’t want to get the perfectshape but you know destroyed but then Iaccidentally you know you’ll see youright thereand wait alright okay there I ruined theperfect shape that’s why I’m trying totalk about it I triedyouI just chopped up some fruits anddecorated on the pancakes and I don’tknow what’s wrong with me but I got agrade on my yogurt

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