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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to my channel andword itmonkeys kitchen well China and today wewill be making pancakes so theingredients will be meeting is the mixthe egg the bowl and of course if youwant some mochi to Musa Italian is whichis not here injuries forget you’re doingit inside the wicks this he alreadyneeds us but we don’t know how to put ina knife and the knife this is you haveto use this with adults if you cannotmake a lot supervision by it and this iswhat I would look like yeah we made awhile ago looks so good actually this is- oh I’m actually with the butter okay Idid the last one you need so why we getour first ingredient will give youfooting is the egg like every time wewant something it’s always so perfect sowe’re gonna be trying to do a perfectlike Rockyoh there you go doesn’t look perfectyeah whatever and you may get your wigWhigs alright your whisk whisk thenyou’re gonna speak slowlyyeah just speed it slowly not too muchyeah next you’re gonna needand that’s it I need your water yourthere you go no you want to mix CorinaMachado mix never going to get readyhere are all my sister stop but she toldme to mentor her yeah yeah it mightsound so weird that she asked so littlereadythat’s right just put all that in let’sget in cuz it’s like we empty this bombjust don’t walking but we’re alreadyputting like haha I think we should putyou know yeah I think it’s gonna bebetteroh yeahwe make their first bucks each otherlet’s not be so messy oh my goodnessSusana well we’ll think nothing thankyou so much senator oh yeah whoalater this will be sword yeah and I’mnever going to see it so smooth andthree so one day gonna cook this youwill if you’re a children you will needadult supervision or adults or do thishe didn’t put your pan there you godon’t do it – hi-yah hi-yahokay all you gotta do now is just heatup the pan before the ad it’s good it’sgood okay teeth it okay okay now we’regonna do yes it does not have to make meminiature you get nadayeah then you have to put it in thecenter do not move it just hold it upthere yep just wanna use it but weusually put it up so it doesn’t end ifyou want to get more you just got alittle bit more or it’s not working Ididn’t really need to put high I’mputtingyeah so y’all sizable when it starts tobubble then that means this is for aa sowills yours okay so Andy’s here bubblingyou’ll want to flip it nature do notpress it down because you all want afluffy panel look at that perfectpancake that wow they have made evenmore do it okay this is a reminder youdo not press it because it will becomeflat and not a fluffy pancake yeahokay guys so it’s done let’s see oh mygosh oh my goodness scared me okay sothe first one was a little of a failyeah I think we didn’t wait a lot okayso anyways let’s do the second one okaythis time likes I’m gonna do it no sothat it would be smooth you have to dolike this nothing you can do this wantsyeah then put it in the centerWow wait for it to trip we like makingnews for pancakes because you feel likeit’s more look at that we’re gonna makea tight I like the more tiny your entireweight that’s not big enough for make ashape I want to make the Christmassy forthis one so we will just oh let’s justwait for ityouthere’s bubbling bubbling bubbling ohnow let’s waityouhey it’s good I think I think the otherdid not make it way too hot I want herto flip it okay yeah yeah well just seeother look at nextguys I think well X 1 X 1 well yeahbecause that’s what we do hot than enjoyokay I’ll do it know what that’s goinghigher so we all see youGreen is flipping no oh we can’t put onebeside ityeah yeah actually so sure it is put asmall day we’re gonna wait for itbubble yes like an art critic um no I’mgoing to be creamy you want I know whatthis you create up on your wall dangMedusa no noyouso there’s gonna be the last one we’renot gonna finish this whole gig todaybecause we did already on our watch awhile ago and we just ate it all and wedon’t read or finish this that’s like ifyou don’t finish that you can put inthere and yeah again you can justbecause you already forgot is already Ithink it’s yeah you can put some old youcan put in the catalogue

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