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How to make pancake with Noureddine 😋😍

How to make pancake :You need a cup of flour and a tablespoon of sugar،1 tablespoon of baking powder, vanilla. One egg, a cup of milk, and if it is thick add a little milk and serve it with chocolate, jam or honey …

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Video Transcription

morning guys today we go around hotelhow to make pancakesfirst we need to reduce okay this morethen then we need eggs then we have tostart it then we need to put the sugarthen put back a multiple a vanillavanilla then put the milk then mix itit’s complete dadnow to make it square pan take how Ididn’t help push off every two metersquare back I like it this is like whereI take a pancake but I did my favoritessay visited this is the square all thetangles it looks like a net angle noscrew can you look like a rectangularsolid a ghost Andy don’t let a guysleepingmm-hmm yeah this is your tiny rectanglebut I like the table to sit down thefile the fryer has very small I am momalways put more wish I got to make otheroneI gotta make a city woman I gotta makeit silly one so they wanna come backsoonI got it a bed yeah I gonna make a vaseanyway but it’s harder you’re breakingit finish now finishno but I got to make of itI finish hmm like my but this is mypancakethis is a CH pancake okay this is mypancake I make this pancake and we cansee you drink it it’s oklet whatever itsoklet well you know what my favoritefood you know what my favorite food notell mejust refers to dummy hmmbut my favorite food these moments afterDJ making up but I did not hold anythingat easythat’s like that I gotta read for beeasier this Lauren Loring’s I got a bitcaustic I got a kiss take pancakedon’t remove it no no not yet you haveto first put it the chocolate so pleaseyeahwhat mod my neck in my head is readybut did I have to put so closed where Iput itthis is very good or should this one andthis one but is it like a chocolate butdoes he like a dog so Clem this is notgoodit’s red wine well bye mama let’s writethis you wanna replyno I know just try this and you liked itwe should show it but what pancaketastes likeno do you notice nothing just a valinareally put vanilla no we reported thechocolate and the honey vanilla honey wedid you see not to put Tony on mine’sfine birthday I was shocked to eat

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