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How to make pancake cake🥞🍰😋,subrang sarap promise/LEIGH OLOROSO

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Video Transcription

what’s up Monica I began to welcome backto another videoI couldn’t bubble a long time andYouTube channel like subscribe to mychannel and like this video[Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]oh the Babineauxyeah so guys we know well y’all yeah soguys it don’t know yo Martin hey Auggiebar that’s pretty nothing that’s ageysermr. Kumar guys dig none you guys takedown your dignity I’m about there whomay flush keen on your dignity ba dingyeah I’m perfectOh guys go knock it down you know man soboom kaboom boom on your cursor thenagain not again I didn’t see but theygave nothing to enter versathat’s I think my mom guys sorry nigga Isupposeyeah let’s try go up a sizeyou know how a buffer if I’m gonna keepmy engine but I wanna wear a dress thatgive wendi-go myself an Afghan guythat’s gonna enjoy guys a video pleaselike share subscribe for more video atheating application backgroundnow you can update some of my go homevideo bye I mean get by

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