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How To Make Funfetti Pancakes! 🎉🥞 | Pillsbury® Funfetti Pancakes Review! | Easter Breakfast! 🐰

Today I show you the step by step process on how to make Pillsbury® Funfetti Pancakes! Perfect Pancakes every time! I break down each step and then try them at the end. I do not give these a rating but believe me when I say, these are FULLY ENDORSED and possibly close to the Promise Land!

Were they easy to make? How much in fact DID I enjoy them? Please watch and find out.

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Video Transcription

of course you’re looking at my introright now and I got a little message forall of you coming up yesHappy Easter Easter morning breakfastall right so we have the funfettipancake mix from Pillsbury buttermilkpancake and waffle mix and it does havecandy bits inside for the funfetti andthe Pillsbury doughboys like hey look atme I’m on a box yeah so this is mygriddle its rival nothing better okay sohere we go then Fetty I’m giving you aclose-up of a package I received scoredsome good stuff and giving you a littlelook at the candy bits inside andthere’s a little bit better look at itright thereone cup goes in first to the brightyellow mixing bowl and now we’re goingto put a second cup in right here callsfor two cups and one and a half cups ofwater I believe and that’s coming upnext yeah look at that close-up of oneand a half cups of water that you neverthought you’d see thatalright so now I’m pouring it in becausethis is obviously the next step and nowI think I’m going to try to attempt tostir it with a whisk but I’m holding itvery awkwardly I trust me I don’t whiskmy batter like that holding it at theend but I was holding a camera at thesame time so I started off at 325 on therival check it out and I was out of PAMcooking spray so I went old-school withsome Easter bunny tears right there sothat’s gonna give a nice base you know Isaid you know there’s no Easterwell there is Easter Easter is here itis what it is and that is not Easterbunny tears that is butter now we throwthe first three flapjacks the threepancakes down my technique is I wait forthe bubbles to rise on all three of thepancakes and the edges get a little bitcrispy and that’s when you know whatthey are ready to turn giving you alittle bit close-up right they’re kindof going down the line you see some ofthe bubbles forming alreadyand getting a nice crust on the edges weare about ready to flip these over andboom oh come onthat is insta gram worthy look at thesedoes it I mean come on does it get anybetter Easter morning funfetti pancakesand the first flip looks like I don’tknow a picture Mona Lisaalright so now here they are on theplate we have the butter on the topright there getting ready to drip downthe edges again nice little close-up yousee the funfetti candy pieces on theinside and giving you a nice little tournow I had to throw this in going withaunt jemima original syrup I prefer thebutter flavored aunt jemimabut a lot of people knock that out ofthe grocery store so I went with thenext best thing and here we gothe drizzle drizzle the Easter juror izlso I’m gonna give it a little cut righthere for you you see the fluffiness Imean just water just the mix OOP Ialmost went in for two small hook biteright there but check it out and have alittle bit of a trouble right here oh Idon’t know how to use a fork but therewe goand there is the funfetti in the middlethere all rightthat’s my outro so now I’m going toleave you with another happy Eastergreeting hope you enjoyed this videodefinitely check me out on Instagram andTwitter and we’ve got the end cardcoming up right here giving you one morelook at the breakfast the Easterbreakfast hope you enjoyed and I hopeyou had a great holiday

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