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how to make fluffy pancakes…. عملنا بان كيك تحفة

Hadi & Ciha Fluffy Pancakes

5 eggs
5 Tablespoon Flour
5 Tablespoon + 5 teaspoon Sugar
5 Tablespoon Fresh Milk
5 Teaspoon Vegetable oil
5 Grams Vanilla Extract


* Separate the egg whites & egg yolks
* Mix egg yolk, flour, sugar, veg.oil & milk. Mix well
* Beat the egg whites in mixer, slowly add the sugar until foamy
* Incorporate little by little the foamy eggwhites and the egg yolk mixture

now it is ready to fry!!!

Fry with butter at the lowest heat as possible.

top with butter and mapple syrup or honey as you like.

Enjoy!!!!! =)
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Original of the video here

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