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How to make Fluffy chocolate pancakes.🍫🥞. Special ingredient . #PanCake. #BlowWonderz

Learn how to make Super fluffy chocolate pancakes with a special ingredient..🍫🥞

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome and today I’m gonnateach you guys how to make the awesomestand fluffiest pancake and in thispancake recipe I’m having a secret andan awesome ingredient which will makeyour pancakes super fluffy so yeah thepancake is gonna be a chocolate flavorpancake but you can just take thechocolate out and make it normal packetalso so yeah be ready to get the supertasty and fluffy pancake so the firstingredient is sugar so I added somepowdered sugar and some normal sugaralso I just mix them both because I feellike something so I missed both of themtogether and then I don’t transfer itinto like this big bowl so I’m gonna usethis big bowl for mixing everything andyou also need a big spoon to mixeverything then you need some full creammilk some butter and some milk powdersome chocolates so some of the chocolateI’m gonna add in my pancake batter andsome of the chocolate chocolate I’mgonna melt in this bowl and use it fordressing and decorating and all and I’musing the Lulu brand chocolate you canuse any other brand if you want and thenyou need some chocolate ice cream andthen and some whipped cream milk whippedcream mixed together so I used chocolatechocolate chip ice cream so you can seesome pieces of chocolate chip over hereand then whipped cream over here so yeahthis is the secret ingredient of thisrecipe if you’re adding this to yourpancake the prank cake will be superfluffy and super delicious so you shouldreally add this in retain its reallycompulsory and it will make your pancakethe awesome it’s a magical ingredientand then you also need two eggs and somefloorit’s compulsory but still I am addingsome chocolate setups so it will besuper chocolaty and super deliciousso to started I am taking this big bowlfilled with sugar and I’m making a bigbatch so I used like two little cups ofsugar like this once and here I’m havingsome milk powder so I’m adding this milkpowder first of all you need to add allthe dry ingredients you have so I addedmilk powder now I need to add floor soto add floor I need to measure one cupof floor so yeah I’m measuring one cupof so here I measure one cup of too longto add it to the bowl and all the timeit is ingredients are added here so Iadded a lot of sugar you can see alreadyso if you don’t want to add any kind ofsugar you can use honey or some maplesyrup also they have less likeunhealthiness more than this sugar soyeah you can add this the best choicewill be honey so honey has like a has areally less amount of sugar and it’snatural so you can actually add honeynow I added all the dry ingredients I’mgoing to save it so it’s reallyimportant to save it so let me see youit so yeah I’m here after saving itproperly and mixing it all so now I’mgoing to add some butter one spoonful ofbutter will be enough but my butter isreally hard so I need to melt it up itso here is my butter after accounting itfrom the box it was pretty hard stillit’s hard but after you like frying itand mixing it and all it will be likenormal butter and I’m using here a purecow milk butter but you can also usethat vegetable oil butternow’s the time to add eggs I’m going toadd 2x so here you can see I added myeggs now I’m going to add some milk sothis is the brand of milk am going toadd lactoseyou can use any kind of milk or purelycow’s milk also but I’m using thispreservative added milk so yeah guysafter adding the milk I mixed it up ormixed there by a batter and now it is ofthis kind of constant since we it shouldbe not running but it should be likereally smooth mine one is not perfect Iam only saying because it has really biglumps and all so I will give this to mymother she will mix it properly withoutlumps but before giving this to her I’mgoing to add the last ingredients so I’mhaving two more ingredients left sofirst of all I’m going to add this thingthis chocolate ice cream and whippedcream mixedso I added it and if you’re not if youdon’t want to have chocolate ice creamthen you can add vanilla ice cream orfrozen milk will also be perfect but icecream would be the best now I’m going tomix it properlyso after mixing you can see the colorwill be like this and I’m going to addsome chocolate set up alsothe chocolate syrup is to just get thetaste and the flavor of chocolate in thepancakenow after mixing everything the buttbatter will be this kind of thickWesterner running constants and see nowI move this batter aside and I took inthis chocolate so this chocolate is forthe dressing and all four of the pancakeso yeah I’m gonna melt this chocolateand then it will be for the dressing sothe dressing and all and every otherthing will be in my part two videos sothis was part one video and in my powerto video I will add all of this thing soyeah wait for the part two video and inthe part two we’ll see fried pancakesI’m not going to show you guys how Ifried the pancakes because it could bedangerous for my camera now so only I’mgonna show you I fried it and then I’mgonna just decorate it and show you lifepart two video will come soon until thenbye and hope you like this recipe pleaseshare it subscribe to my channel andcomment which kind of video is youhonestly next bye

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