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How to bake pancakes 😁 ( ingredients only!!!)

Hope u enjoy maderfukers

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Video Transcription

this is our first video so make sure toLIKE and subscribe and comment downbelow if you love pancakes and this isour first video our topic is aboutmaking baking so hope you like itso so I’m the chef and I have this apronand she is my assistant chef so we’remaking pancakes and we’re going to tellyou the ingredients so first thing youneed is a bowl with a mini attention soour spatula big bowllet’s you need some measuring spoons soyou know what measures measuring spoonsand we need some measuring cup only onecup measuring cup and this is onlyoptional what we call the squeeze bagit’s a squeeze bottle you can put yourpancake mix here and then you get yourable to like you can hard star orwhatever like that or if you don’t havethis one you can use this one so you cansupport me the mixture the pancakemixture and they put it in the pan soand don’t forget we need some lot it’s aall-purpose car we’re just going to havea one cup of flour then don’t forgetabout the milk too it’s a milk[Applause]and those four again about the egg andAbel so we can meet here and you’regoing to mix it so we’re going to dothat later and of course we need somebaking powder and the last one that weneed is some vanilla extract you don’treally have to put this in your pancakeforgot[Applause]

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