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Heather’s Day| Vlog #3 Cook with me! Matcha Strawberry Pancakes🍵, Spicy Curry Chicken Pasta🍛

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to my channel!

For the morning, I tried to make matcha protein pancakes with strawberry jam. Although I need to work on the presentation more next time, I can’t deny how great the taste was! yum! 🤤

Honestly, the spicy curry chicken pasta was a little bit dry because I left it in the pan for a tiny little bit too long as I was adjusting the camera 📷. But the flavor is still on point ✌️

BTW! For those of you who are wondering if I successfully made the salted egg yolks, I DID make it work!! hahahahahaha💃 !

Stay tuned for next vlog to see how I cook with it

Thanks for watching my ordinary day and please be safe.

ins: Heatherwhocosmo
weibo: 小胡子海蜇Heather
Bilibili: HeatherHu

Thank you 🎵lukrembo 🎵so much for the beautiful music

Original of the video here

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