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Have Your Ever Tried Making Pancakes Using Porridge Mix?🤔 ||Pancakes||#yum #porridgemix #pancake

Ingredients Used:-
1. Ragi,Almond and Dates Porridge Mix By @earlyfoods
2. Jaggery Powder
3. Milk
4. Butter
5. Saute Dryfruits
6. Chocolate Sauce



1. Take a bowl,Pour Porridge Mix As Per Your Need
2. Pour Little Milk To Make The Batter
3. Keep On Mixing Until It gets Fully mixed up
4. Put Jaggery Powder As per Your Need
5. Again Mix it well
6. Now heat the pan for 2mins
7. Grease A Pan With A Little Butter
8. Pour The Batter into a small amount (size like a pua)
9. Cook in a low heat until it’s cook
10. Like This Make 4-5 more As Per Your Batter
11. Take a serving plate,Put all the pancakes like I have shown in the video
12. Garnish With Fresh Saute Dryfruits
13. Pour Little Chocolate Sauce (you can use any sauce)
14. Finally It’s Ready To Eat😋😍


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This Recipe Is Specially Created For Kids,Who Are Bored Sitting At Home During This Locked Down….Eat Healthy,Stay Healthy 😍😋


Instagram Handel:- @foody_maniaa

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