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Brunch at home! Learn how to make the perfect pancakes 🥞

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Video Transcription

morning right today we gonna make brunchand I did a half breakfast this morningso I will call by around 6:00 is 9:30now and I’m just gonna make a big brunchfor everybody so I’m gonna makehollandaise sauce the ingredients we’regonna need is 4 X 4 egg yolks I’m gonnasay parlez the exhales cup in a minutewe’re gonna need black pepper parsleylemon juice if you don’t have lemonjuice already made like that just get afresh orange juice and squeeze itunsalted butter for the hollandaisesauce and then I’m gonna need somenormal cutter with the pan in here tojust to scramble some eggs in it andthen we need muffins or any other breadmuffins toes Broncos fresh packetswhatever they you have at home then andnot funnel pins I actually hate them Idon’t like the flavor of this taste ornothing but oh my two of my kids are mypartner they little bit so I just cookeda tin of beans for the brunch this isgot nothing to do is just literally openthe tin and then put it in a pot andthen just cook in a slow heat and I’vecalled my bitch I’ve called my avocadothat opened this one yesterday I’m gonnaslice it to go with the more fees withthe hollandaise sauce and some spinachthat’s gonna be the base for the muffinand also I’m gonna make some pancakesI’m gonna show you how easy is to makepancakes from scratch you know Pilatesyou guys then add about spoon of saltedbutter well you can use some salt inthis way if you wantyou don’t get rid of the knifes we cantake this knife again so you don’t keepmaking a big mess then we’re gonna needabout four eggs because everybody’s beena day and my fathers are like a flavoron that so I’m just gonna do something[Music][Music][Laughter]and then the holding this sauce is thereit’s got salt is worse you know when Ikeep adding salt everywhere you are youit you can have cherry tomatoes onionsthe onions shallow againof course it doesn’t matter they like tosee pieces of tomato or vegetables inthere in chunks or have to remain therelike that then when you see the holidays[Music]coming up it’s still a bit waste popwhen you saw this stage like that justadd some cow’s milk and just lifted avery low heat and let the milk evaporateokay thisthree pasties Oh breakfast brunch ishe’s got a lot of calories in it so Iwas just not happy at first and thenhave a late le brun le any breakfast andinscape having breakfast and then lunchso and you just have these as to yourleg breakfast any brunch becauseotherwise it would be too much and thengo wheel in the house doing nothing sonow we need a hundred if you can addRutten temperature it’s easier to whiskI just got thirty from unsalted butterif you can if you salt it just don’t addany extra salt to it because you alreadyhave your scrambled eggs which you havethe other salt that you will have theybred a muffin 50 things already havesalt in it so you don’t want too muchsalt in the food so 130 make sure youboth are this room temperature will be70 whiskey with other ingredients[Music]110 other say the baby these condos ofcalories in it150 we use the same knife I’m just gonna[Music]D’Argo’s and there will be 20 rounds oflemon juice so my family’s have thisskill alreadywe just have a sprinkle of adding saltbecause they thought you were from saltywater now this is how you want your eggsyou can leave this like that send thisoff the rest of the milk the eggs willabsorb and it will evaporate so youdon’t need to worry about that now we[Music]all like this house meal any flour thisis the only one I have I’m struggling tofind flour in the supermarket so surveysin flour do produce just the normalflour dessert sold vanilla extract againbrown sugarI used to use brown sugar because he’sslightly heavier than the air whitesugar so now Misha’s but if you have acup like this with the fishes in herefor four peopleuse about nine and a half three hundred[Music]and then in the middle make like herlook like a hole in itClifton 11 and then you need a leg inthat hole that you just stick with the[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]I don’t normally use what you want to dois have everything prepared so you’renot getting stress in the kitchen or onething is not coming out first beforethen the eggs eggs are cold they’rebeans I’m ready the fish fingers I’malready so I’ve got my ex prepare welift up another foot now I will justgive to the last heat before at leastthe plates because the eggs does inmaintain the heat for a long time so youdon’t want to serve them cold so I’lljust cover them with a lidI’ve got my pancakes mixture that haveto keep whisking a little bit more soI’ll give you the whole that no use allthe lumps in there right now for thepancakes and I have everything organizedat this stage have you beans alreadythere I haven’t start cooking them herebecause you have to do all the thingsbefore it’s how cooking other things areleft eggs in there to say so we justgive them the last heat before we makethe hollandaise sauce I’ve put thepancake mixture in there the texturethat I want I’ve got my fish fingersready to go in the ovenI’ve got the oven already am warming upand then I’ll just go our pan in here wethe gasps Oh max and then when you canfeel it just racing about these amountof oil and you know what I mean a lotmore than this and then with a 50 shoeroll the or you’re in the color this andthen wewhen I started making our our firstpancake I’m gonna try my face plzonehand so how I do it I lift up thesetwo feet from the fire make sure they’realways the first one is the normal onehe’s gonna come out as good as the otherone and then they say when you startseeing these bubbles on the pancakesthat means that your mixture was madegood so good job for that so now when hestarts drying up can you see it looksdry who’s gone parts then we just wannause a fork and it this is your facepancake done so we leave the other sidefor a little bitas I said I don’t cook by time orfollowing meshes or you have to leave infive minutes and then just smell I lookyou just have to look 20 ready and thenwe’re gonna answer another one now andthis is what you want you want one sidewith all the bubbles in there and thenthe other side like this that’s aperfect pancake so turned out the girlsneed to be and then I’m gonna put thisone away and then I’m gonna do the samewith the second one and then to rock theoil that you already have in the tissueI’ll never do it again I’m just gonnaput the phone here so you can see[Music]and this should be the stage of thisthingyou didn’t need to mace a lot of stuffwith making your brunch I’m gonnaprepare some raspberries nice way to gowith these will come put these so thefurnace look the less repo this one willbe have more bubbles but this one isjust a flat pancake like thatyou see sorry I was talking to you guysand this one cooked a little filumena sothese ones are thinner I look even theweight can take it or notyeah and this one should come with theholes you see I see no Safina paste youcan work on and do however you want andyou can do them thinner or thickerthicker they’re gonna come out lookinglike this I’m finished just a teenypancake it’s just[Music]well Dominic’s non of it for my pancakeswe should impose a bitchraspberries honey missiles in speechballoonyou

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