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Watch me make cookies 🍪

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Video Transcription

hello and welcome back to my channel notto in this channel and today we aregoing to be making homemade cookies butlike they’re like whatever time is inhereokay so first a nail ball right here I’msitting on a chair okay so now whatwe’re going to need is all my age beginsokay so first one second I’d be rightback I’m at okay time coming out so I’mgoing to use this this purple thing justtake it out like that take out all theapps get it all up need the corners fromsides okay that’s great okay so let’sjust yeah runokay we don’t need it but we do heresomething is stable I found somethingstable now we’re going to need threecups of water I’m just gonna bring thisone here just in[Applause]I read that I’m back let’s get thischairs not really helping yeah justchill what is love it never breakfast dois just mix it in waterthis is stuck remember you have todefeat I’m pulling up the lavas if youtake like dados flick it down andeverything really have to make like thecookie were like mixture stuff they cookit except and then we have to take thebud and need it then there’s just chunks[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]like when we made empanadas baby youwant to baby start the trunkrun for two seconds mommy is this enoughof mixing you see it’s getting stuckinside and this is really moistI better wash my hands[Music]okay I have washed my hands that’s myday of what dear wet we’re just gonnaride them before we mix it in like needit like you know you have to need aslime that’s kind of a roaring like this[Music]I can’t talk just like checking itkneading it because it’s getting stuckinto okay just that was enough of waterI guess it’s gonna add teaspoonsI mean playing have to when you’re onlyopposed to add three I only – I can addanother one but yeah in it is a push itI made this before with 1/8 teaspoonbecause you know beyond anythingtoday and too much this is this isactually kind of funwhy would dr. barrows wall but I’m gonnaput it back in to like grab all the dingOH[Music]power just still going to powder I addedmore powder to it so wouldn’t you morepowder and a boy now we need to take outbut this is one he mixed in so far someof it is all drop it I don’t want to dothisthis it’s coming close yeah did toSally’s tastesighs you know what taste is good in itsdo not cooked or you know but okay Ishould get a pan okay we’re not when youdo or about the pants stuff right now weask an exit check everything’s fallingout of my hands can’t it’s all you’reoffering this is not a movie Inc how wemake wanna get this all off in my handnow I didn’t think of that eat itit smells good where does ityeah it’s always good boy done I wish myroom in something like this[Music]it tastes so good I’m sorry I’m justfalling apart and just falling out of myhandsoh my god mommy I need how not thishey don’t blowing out of my handget down LeAnn’s why did I decide to dothis so I don’t think you know timeslike this well it’s sturdy asset we tryto get it all off for meoh my god oh my god so did you ever makeme wait cookies you should not do itthat waydogs barking in the background it wasraining[Music]then in the ball maker literally there’sno one meaning in the ball ready so Jaysmommy then in the ball it’s not evenfalling off it’s just like sticking tome won’t you know it’s skin oopsie oh mygodthank yougive me these are definitely miniatureones anywhere up let’s just and me in atthis point nothing else to do than meback that’s like falling off like biggerI feel like this will help just likeclapping my hands together what thatmake a wishdo you know where my mommy is oh my godso my mom was reading man did she sleepand I need help doing what I’m doingoh and then she’s like get on Walker onehand first here we should do like butyou coveredit looks like mustardoh my god that’s all why am i touchingit not even got much fun but this wassupposed to be a little fun but you knowI was wrong I was really rally wrongthis is not fun like animal like noteven close to fun like this is liketorture like crime off I’m doing nothingI hear they’re stars rightno no no I’m gonna get this for my handout to spread my shooter I’m sure itdoesn’t stick to the thing but my momtotally whispered my hands off right asa god um a spray tanI’d be right back okay guys so funnymy mom helped me get all the curtainsoff my hands and call in this bow justsaying my hands were clean oh my godokay so we’re just gonna use two spoonsand just drop it down like that andwe’re only making 12 I guessyeahand just say Happy Easter if I did notsay that and we’re gonna have the videoHappy Easteryes[Music]Heythese can get this like – likealways a matchstickokay oh my God why am i itching to spit[Music][Music]okayokaynow okay that’s a little bit muchI’m happy not make 12[Music]my cousin a toast I think if I haveenough room yeah rightthis man last year- more there one gets bigger win bignice job a lot more cook it is you caneat – smell cookies a little bit youknow biggerstill ups we can go back to the firewhich you guys ready know that you sawmehello loose goose down yes when I readthis blog so weirdit’s get daddy passed by you sleep sinceI kids you know me I’m sleeping outsidefine then he loves his doghouse lovesthe doghousebut we don’t have to[Music]what am I posed to do if this extracookies bigger[Music][Music][Applause][Music]I’m makeup because I Drive back okay nojob not them is because the oven isstill not back any weightall rightit is not money so I’m gonna put theseto cook okay so I put it and yeah sothank you guys so much my MA and B’syeah to my buying I’m going to be makingthe video it’s about life hmmmy boyfriend this mother is my birthdayso bye and peace out[Music]

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