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Salted Egg Yolk Cookies | No Baking Powder | CNY Cookies 咸蛋黄酥饼 无泡打粉

Presented to you my sweet and savory salted egg yolk cookies. This unique taste of cookies is very popular in Malaysia and Singapore for Chinese New Year celebration. The cookie is buttery and crumbly with a lovely depth of salted egg yolk flavor!! Give them a try if you haven’t, they are super easy to prepare, and yet, yummylicious.


1)Butter – 60g
2)Icing Sugar – 25g
3)All purpose flour – 60g
4)Potato Starch – 40g
5)Milk Powder – 10g
6)Cooked Salted Egg Yolk – 2
7)Egg Wash:1/2 egg yolk + 1/4 tsp milk, mix well
8)Black Sesame

*Make 50 pcs cookies.
*I bought my cookie cutter when I was in Malaysia. If you can’t get the small cookie cutter, use fondant plunger cutter instead. I cut some of the dough with the fondant cutter, it works well and the cookies come out very pretty.

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Fondant Plunger Cutter 翻糖印花模:
Rolling PIn 擀面棍:
Potato Starch 马铃薯淀粉:

1)牛油 – 60g
2)糖粉 – 25g
3)中筋面粉 – 60g
4)马铃薯淀粉 – 40g
5)奶粉 – 10g
6)熟的咸蛋黄 – 2个
7)抹面:1/2蛋黄+ 1/4 tsp 鲜奶,拌均


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