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Making mini egg cookies + the babies + cruises ♡

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Video Transcription

[Music]just came outside with the babies here’sone by Brie there’s another baby at thedoor Daisyget over here let me pet her – Jesus her- not just you buddy you’re my baby girlthere’s my buddy boylet’s see I can’t look up so I’ll haveto see this when I’m inside but it’scloudy today but it’s sunny so that’stwo one two new – peanuts – dude peanutsmy dogs are so beautiful like I lovethem they’re my babies dude my babieshuh are you a baby Daisy hey excuse meare you a baby yes I will pet you okay Iwill pet you are you a baby though okayguys so I think I mentioned that I wasfilming a my own like an own separate umlike meals that I eat and I decidedit I was like you know what it cuzI’ve been filming it for like four daysnow and it still only had like threeminutes of footage obviously I’m justfilming my meals and like sometimes Iwould forget a meal stuff so I was likeyou know what it I’m justto lead all the delete the video and umkeep doing what I’m doing now or what Iwas doing before and showing you guys myfood in my vlogs because that just makesmore sense then I don’t have to do allthese separate videos for differentthings so I don’t just want to get ridof those clips so I am going to insertsome of the food clips like the goodones I will insert those nowthis is my snack for tonight I havethese Gouda Triscuits which I actuallydon’t like as much as the dill ones butI bought them thinking I would like themobviously and I don’t really but I gottaeat them I have some a garlic and herbcream cheese cuz I like to dip thecrackers and cream cheese and then Ithink I’m gonna have this Reese’s egg aswell I’ll eat this now and then I end upeating my sweet treat a little bit laterI’m debating it from what this Reese’segg or a kinder egg but I think I’mgonna go with the races all right so I’mgonna show you guys the rest of what I’mhaving tonight I made myself a littleparfait um so it’s just vanilla yogurtsome granola and raspberries and thenI’m also gonna be having a Reese’spumpkin and this Kit Kat bunny I lovehow I have Halloween and Easter but yeahthat is going to be my snack for tonightall right back to a regular video I’mabout to eat my lunch though and I haveDiane W root beer and to have leftoversfrom yesterday but instead of ramen Ijust have spaghetti noodles and then Ihave the spicy shrimp so this time nineI might actually go outside smart andhang out with the babies um I’m sad mynephew did his first like Easter egghunt today and I didn’t get to be therewhich sucks cuz he actually is like he’salmost two he’ll be two in July so heprobably had so much fun finding theeggs it was probably so excited and Ididn’t get to be there and see itso I just finished making the mini eggcookies it is 625 p.m. and I reallywanted kraft dinner so I made a craftdinner a cup and I’m also gonna havejust these last two pieces of hot salamithis is the hot salami you get by theway it’s my favorite kind I’ve triedother kinds and I don’t really like themas muchso this one is the best one so I’m gonnaeat this this and probably see ifanyone’s live on YouTube if not maybejust watch some YouTube videos I don’tknow there are some people live so Idon’t know we’ll see I might go joinsome people live or I might just see ifthere’s something I want to watch butyeah I’m gonna go make myself this candycane hot chocolate I’ve actually nevertried it before but I have like six ofthese I think I don’t know how many ofthe box came with but I have a couple ofthese and I haven’t tried it before soI’m gonna go ahead and give that a tryI’m gonna use my bunny mug cuztomorrow’s Easter and then I’ll probablyput the Easter mugs away and so yeahI’ll show you guys when it’s done Ithink I’m gonna put like whipped creamand marshmallows and candy cane piecesand yeahokay I’m gonna go ahead and try one ofthe mini egg cookies so this is what itlooks likeI smell really good these are goodI give this a 10 out of 10okay in case you guys are wondering thisis the link I used for my Cadbury mini 8cookies one little project and minedefinitely don’t look like that buty’all they taste a freakin bomb soanyways yeah this is the recipe that Iusedthere’s the ingredients if anyone wantsto pause the screen shot and then I willget the actual directions for you guysif I can should have left the mini eggbigger I think that was the problem wasI crushed mine for I mean I crushed minesmaller than she did okay so here it isand the Cadbury mini eggs is the onlything that I didn’t follow therecommendation I just used the rest ofthe Cadbury mini eggs that I had sothere you gothere you guys composite and screenshotand they are freaking a deliciouswhat does that be guys today’s EasterSunday I think I scratched myself orsomething in my sleep because I got alittle scab there so I don’t know that’swhat that is I think you guys arewondering if but oh my god I’m soexcited my mom’s making the lamb itfricking smells amazing I just came downto um I actually showed you guys thelamb and the clip before this so yeah umthat’s what that was if you guys werewondering what the hell that meat was soI actually just came down to grab mycharger so I’m gonna grab that I’m gonnago back upstairs and hang out with mymom my dad’s outside with the dogs Ithink and yeah then after we eat we’regonna go drop stuff off to my sister’shouse and we’ll be back it sucks notbeing able to let go and just hug mysister and my nephew and you know justhold him and squeeze his little cheeksand just kiss him but hoping and prayingthat this will all be over soon and thenwe can go back to I don’t think it’llever actually on us to go back to theway it was before I think some thingsare definitely gonna be permanently kindof changed but it’s just gonna be like anew norm you know what I’m sayingbecause they’re obviously saying untillike there’s a vaccine and stuff orvaccine till they get one things arenever going to be completely normal andwe’re always gonna have like outbreaksand staff and there always be waves andso yeah until we have a vaccine for itthere’ll always be waves and stuffunfortunately it was so and they’resaying the vaccine could take up to ayear to two so yeah but I hope and praythat soon enough we’ll be able to seeour families because I honestly missmine so it’s it’s tough not being ableto see them especially for holidays likeholidays are the best and holidays arelike family time and it’s hard not tosee family and friends and stuff duringthe holidays um I saw Jesse last weekendso that was good probably gonnahopefully try to see him every two weekswhich one still sucks like I want to bewith my man like every day but it iswhat it is we got to do what we got todo for now so we can get back to normalsooner right because if we don’t keepsocial distancing and doing what we arebeing told to do it’s just gonna takelonger and longer and longer for thingsto settle down and stuff so yeah but I’mgonna go upstairs and hang out with mymomit just finished washing some rocks cuzI’m gonna paint rocks tomorrow so I wentoutside I picked my rocks and I washedthem so they’re ready for tomorrow we’veobviously come and gone from my sister’shouse the hell was that thing using asnowcat filters I think it’s a supercute and it’s for Easter next level it’slike chocolate ears with little bunnieson them oh it’s an egg I think that’s socute but anyways yeah I just washed somerocks I think for your dinner I’m justgonna have a bowl of called FeO to pourcheese soup and that’ll be itand then of course it’s Easter so todayI’m gonna have an Easter chocolate but Idon’t know which one I want yet but I’lldefinitely be having a chocolate tonightalso tomorrow we will be going to thecemetery most likely after I get up andeat my aunt showed me this website thatyou can like watch movies on and it’sbeen gone for like a week now and I’m soupset about it because I was like sheliterally showed me the website like twodays before it went downso I’m checking now to see if it’sworking or not now it still says it’sdown should be back in working byTuesday darn it darn it darn it wellthat sucks cuz she literally told meabout it like a day before or two daysbefore it stopped workingI guess it’s under maintenance orwhatever so yeah cemetery tomorrowpainting rocks tomorrow and that’s all Ihave planned for right now but should begood day it is Easter so for dinner I’mhaving Easter sweetbreads of course andthen I might have well no it is Easter Ineed to have some chocolate so I don’tknow what chuckling I’m gonna have but Ijust finished doing aa video where I painted my toenails withyou guys cuz everyone always asks forfeet videos and I was like oh my god I’mnot just gonna show my feet for 20minutes so I was like okay I’ll paintthem on camera so I picked a pretty pinkcolor I loved itbut yeah I’m gonna go sit here and enjoymy Easter sweet bread and look for aYouTube video to watch there’s a littletoy that came in my umKinder Surprise egg it’s like a littlecard thing[Music]

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