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Making cookies 🍪 😁

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

my friend guys video it’s night timetonight but I’ll be making cookies me mybed dad go running and making cookiesand I’m so happy[Music][Music]look guys for the audition see now can’tsee it and will get my cookies we gonnaeat all those go ahead put some mala -[Applause]don’t you spray something on it so Idon’t be stinky okay breaking the squareyeah this Betty mama[Music]now[Music][Music]okay now try that one out break itwe’re picking it see how can you tellwhere the break todayokay got to okay now in you’re notseagullsokay guys sure I’m done see you guyslazy badyeah[Music][Music]I guess so I guess with the dog[Music]it is good[Music][Music]hi guysand that I gotta wonderful motheryou wanna throw the paper away okay thenwe gotta let the oven preheat[Music]Oh daddy the applicant is in the bodyshop edition[Music][Music]like this okay now it’s time someonecoin I say yeah I was just you knowsomething my mama quiet but whenever Iwas I’m caught I did a trick and I slipbecause I had slippers off and there wasa nice cloud so yeah but now it’s anoutfit and I’m out of breath because Iwas doing so much stuff off camera butso you guys tune up is done oh I’m dohalf cookie dough so good[Music][Music][Applause][Music]you

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