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How to make the best Chocolate Chip Cookies ever!

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys today I’m going to show you howto make the best chocolate chip cookiesnow come on over I’m gonna show you oh[Music]so here we have one and a half cup ofall-purpose flour and then we’re goingto add a half teaspoon of baking sodaand then we’re going to add a halfteaspoon of salt and then we’re justgoing to give that a little whisk justto combine so now we’ll go ahead and putour wet ingredients together we’re goingto add a cup of light brown sugar 1/3 ofa cup of granulated sugar and we’re justgonna whisk it up give it a nice littlewhisk until those sugars areincorporated just like so then we’regonna go ahead and add our 1/2 a cup ofmelted butter well then add a 2teaspoons of vanilla extract and then awhole egg or at room temperature andthen we’ll just go ahead and whisk allthat up together until it’s nice andcorporated and smooth that’s like thathere we have both dry and wetingredients combined together and thenwe’re gonna go ahead and add choppedchocolate chip about 6 ounces and I usethis brand right here we’re just gonnago ahead and carefully and gently foldthat over you don’t want to over mix ityou just want to give a couple swirlsjust to combine the chocolate with thedough just like thatthen what I did here is I went ahead andused the scooper you can either use aice cream scooper or a cookie scooperI used my two inch cookie scooper andwhat we’re gonna do is we’re gonna goahead and place this in a freezer justfor about 10 minutes or so to freezethem up it doesn’t matter how you placethem on the cookie sheet because we’regonna place them over so I took them outof the freezer and then I place them ona separate different cookie sheet andthen put them about two inches apart andthen we’re gonna go ahead and stick thatover in the ovenwell then preheat our oven at 350degrees and cook them anywhere from 12to 15 minutes and here’s our finalproduct go ahead and let them rest forabout 10 minutes on the cookie sheet andthen transfer them over to the coolingrack here as you can see they cool downand as you can see here’s the finalproduct look at that cookie crumble lookhow chewy and chocolaty that looks oh mygosh it’s so delicious YUM

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