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How to make sugar cookies 🍪

Love you all please no hate😢❤️!!

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music][Music][Music]we’re gonna mix okay but like start tosee them it becomes crumbly let me justtake it and you’re just gonna nowI’m not doing cut out cookies I’mactually they’re just gonna do the inchby inch I’m just going to do them but ifyou want to do cuddle cookies just addflour and roll it out and then use yoursenses to cut it up I’m just gonna kneadthis for a little bit get all the restbecause I they still stay stick and thepen because of the butter the buttermakes it stick to the pan it’s doubleyou shouldn’t need that it’s actuallynot that stick evil when you’re needingit it does good on your hands a littlebit but it’s not that bad so I’m gonnaneed this a little bit and then we’regonna come back – okay okay that’s readywe’re gonna start I get I use a copperpan yeah we’re gonna start and we’regonna make sure these cookies don’t notsticknow some people like to use butter butthat doesn’t work for me you can alsouse a pam-pam much there’s cooking spraya nonstick cooking spray yes this looksvery smooth because when I do baking ismush it a lot like just smoosh it it’sjust easier to use that way let me gowash my handsnow that you’ve washed your handsno more sticky because it’s very stickyyou’re gonna take I use one of theseit’s kind of secret it’s an ice creamspoon but it’s way smaller this is anice cream scoop and this is a scoop yeahSyrena take the thing full of thisyou just like that kinda looks likemashed potatoes school mashed potatoeswe’re gonna do the rest of these I doabout like like knuckle to finger withlike that’s how I measure itand I just keep doing thatokay okay all done I decided to spreadmy mop my now I don’t have that muchthan I usually do but these my husbandmy my oven just has heated up so we’regonna pop these into the up and let’s gookay let’s put these into here okay babeI’ll check back in a little bit okay nowwe got the thing it’s gonna it’s allcoolin the cool part about this this partcomes off of the cake it’s not tall butmore that face a kiss me so I’m justgonna think that when I used to scrapethe sides[Music]okay this anonymous tip does microscopeokay I’m getting this cake off I reallydo not want to break this because againthis cake is not for me so so we decideit tight on the bottom of the pan andthen take I’m gonna take this it’s onlydoing the cake I just put on just putthis is an amazing cake actually turnedout really well and this is my firsttime using that and now it’s my favoritethanks for watching subscribe don’t fazeyou back to the cookie that’s yellowthey are not don’t even call youdestroyed them a little bit but nobirthdate only I use this fork I knowI’m supposed to do it at all in therebefore they’re done alright so I justput him down like a pattern you know alittle bit cuz you’re almost on backthere okay cookies I decided to playthem on a wire because I don’t know likethe bottoms were cooking but the netalways like one so I don’t want thebottom just to get burnt so one of thosethings and hopefully that watch out waybetter because I really like thesecookies another oneso they are done then like terrificthese ones got kind of a little bitdestroyed today but these I just lovethese this is not my best batchobviously but they’re really good thankyou

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