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How to make: Christmas Cookies Box 🎄 One Recipe 3 Cookies #EasyRecipe #Foolproof #FestiveSeason

Hey guys! 
I am back with another festive season recipe! 
Today’s recipe will be a cookie’s recipe that can be used to make different flavoured ones.
Since it’s the festive season, I decided to make Christmas Cookies Box 🎄
Christmas Cookies Box 🎄
This recipe yield: 50 pieces of Cookies 

Recipe & Ingredients:
🍪 Cookies  Base 🍪 
Wet ingredients:
200g Unsalted Butter (RTP)   |   200  克 牛油
3 Egg Yolks | 3 粒 蛋黄
1 Tsp Vanilla Extract | 1 茶匙 香草精

Dry ingredients:
285 g AP flour  |  285 克 面粉
¼  Tsp Salt  |  ¼ 茶匙 盐
100 g White Sugar | 100 克 白糖

🍫 Chocolate Cookies  🍫
Dry ingredients:
15 g Cocoa Powder | 15 克 可可粉

🍵 Green Tea Cookies  🍵
Dry ingredients:
5 g Matcha Powder | 5 克 抹茶粉

🍪Vanilla / Plain Cookies  🍪
Dry ingredients:
5 g Corn Starch | 5 克 玉米淀粉


In a bowl, add in Butter, Sugar, Salt & Vanilla Extract. And Mix Well to combine.

Once combined, add in Egg Yolks & combine.

Next, gradually add in flour & mix until a dough is form and the dough is not sticky. Take note : not to overmix the mixture

Roll the dough out into a working surface and split it into 2.

For One dough, add cocoa powder and mix until incorporated

For the other dough, split the dough once again, to the first dough, add corn starch & mix until incorporated, and for the second dough, add matcha powder & also mix until well incorporated

Once completed, wrap each dough up with cling wrap & refrigerate for 1-2 hours.

In the meantime, Preheat Oven to 175°C ( 350°F)

Roll the doughs out on a working surface until they are about 5mm in thickness & cut them out with any cookie cutter.

Lastly, it’s time to bake!

Bake it at 175°C for 10-15 minutes, or until the side of the cookies are golden brown 

Let it cool before serving. 

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Do remember that I am not a professional baker/cook, I am just a home baker/cook and making this video just for fun.
For the science behind baking/cooking, I used some of the knowledge I learnt during my secondary and polytechnic school day. All facts are true as I learnt from my parents when they cook/bake and from professionals through videos like Masterchef. 

I am still learning from the professional in the industry, so please do support me on this journey! But do anyways, try this recipe out. As it has been tried and tested. And even tasted. 

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