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How to make chocolate chip cookies 🍪🍪_#baking_#lets bake

Hello…….as you all know I am letting you choose what I bake next Saturday… choose any one of these:-
1)Chocolate waffles
2)Vanilla cake
3)Chocolate lava mug cake(in the microwave)
And comment down below

The Ingredients for these cookies are
1) 125g butter
2) 100g white castor sugar
3) 115 g brown sugar
4) 1 TSP vanilla
5) 2 eggs
6) 1 TSP baking powder
7) 225 g Flour
8) 225 g chopped chocolate/ choco chips
Hope you liked this recipe……if you did please like this video……and if you want to see more videos like this subscribe to my channel…… don’t forget to vote and I will see you next Saturday byeeeeee

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