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How to make Almond Flour cookies 🍪 😋

Kids are exploring how to cook

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Video Transcription

[Music]welcome to our ChannelRaju and Cylons my name is Manu my nameis Sai and today we’re making all myfloor chocolate-chip cookies[Music][Music][Music]we have 1×1 quarts of almond flour andwe’re going to put a quarter teaspoon ofbaking powder[Music]we wash their hands[Music][Music]lastly we’re gonna we’re gonna put halfteaspoon of the soul[Music]I’m mixing our dry ingredients withoutlumps my brother will explain how to dothe way now we have to put two ounces ofbutter next we’re adding 1/3 cup ofalmond butter[Music]we’re adding 3/4 cup of brown sugar[Music]last we have to add one teaspoon ofvanilla extract[Music]now we have to blend all the wetingredients dry ingredients into the weteasymy brother’s gonna pour little by little[Music][Music]with a cookie dough in our cookie tray[Music][Music]now we’re going to eat the cookie doughin the oven[Music][Music]now we asked the way[Music][Applause][Music][Music]subscribe to you and inside

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