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Homemade Cookie Cake

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Video Transcription

No hey I don’t know I forgot to say that
but yeah we added the butter already so
adding the brown sugar next oh and by
the way for wondering I’ll put the
measurements in the description and now
we’re adding sugar and now we mix this
all this whole mixture
and now that it’s off modulus we’re
gonna add in the block egg I don’t know
why it wouldn’t be right I know what I’m
today I’m crazy and now we’re adding in
two vanilla extract it smells very very
strong there you go now I’m mixing this
whole thing in into a homogenous I don’t
know I likes a homogenous
being a separate board now we’re adding
the flour baking soda baking powder and
salt and now we’re adding the baking
soda and now we’re adding in the salt
and we actually don’t need the baking
salt now the baking powder getting three
use the baking soda and now we mix until
homogenous it’s the dry ingredients by
the way
now we’re adding in all the dry
ingredients into the wet ones
I don’t know if that’s good consistency
you know so we’re putting in the
chocolate chips and being they didn’t
say to putting their hands in the in the
recipe it’s just my own preference if
you want to do that you can’t but if you
don’t want to you will have to so it’s
just depends on your preference
and now we mix until homogenous so we
mixed into the chocolate chips in there
and ends into the cookie dough and now
we’re gonna try to put this in the pain
and now that we’ll put it in the pan
oh and by the way was a smaller pan so
because it thought was a too big of a so
this is an experiment alright guys our
cake is done we didn’t film the process
of icing it or maybe not I think but
I’ll put some I’ll put some recipes over
icing in the description if you want
them so that’ll work
but anyway it’s been and cooked in the
oven at 350 per 20 minutes let’s give it
a taste
and she I mean yeah I like it
ready yes Freddie atta boy it’s all good
be something snow yeah but anyway thanks
guys for watching like and subscribe bye

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