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How to Make A Beautiful Box/Cookie Box- Easy📦

Hi guys….Welcome to my channel-Lifesmazing…I am Yati arora…And in this video I am going to show you how to make a Beautiful Box/A cookie box…Hope you liked it…And make sure to like and subscribe to my channel🤩🥰😄…
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Video Transcription

My dear aura and today we are gonna makea gift box and I’m so excited but I meanbabies on you but you want to use it foryou can use for keeping it a beautifulcookie you can use for mmm supplies toeat supplies and it depending anyways sofor this making reallysizzle you a pencil here and some finishanyway so first got your quick littlesquare shape which I have already doneand then you take your scale and apencil and start marking within 4centimeters make a dot and pull a lineso do that on all the four sidessee you after I’m done and I’m donecutting like drawing and now cut how I’mshowing you guys okay so if this is yourpaper after all the four lines you areeasy and anyway you see those smallboxes you cut from here like this fromhere if I cut over here like this somedown I have to cut it from here from thedown you fire and from down if I cut itlike that from here I should cut it fromhimand from here if I cut it like that fromhere I should cut from hell okay and youguys are done so after doing that grabyour blue and start sticking the way Isaw you guys first you have to fold itdon’t forget fold it from everywherelike from your handsis ready for interesting right and thenleft some of the squares and I have tohold them and you’re done now just jobyou and start sticking so what do youhave to do is just put glue on one ofthe squares from behind from behind andspread it up yeah after spending it outstick it from the inside like this okayokay and then some he’ll you stick itfrom this pot behind again you put glueand mix just bear it around and juststick it over hereand then you have to put glue over herelike that and you spread it on oh boylike that I seeand yes we are done and one more side isthere that also you obviously[Music]just take this hook and you’re doneso this is you’re down you’re down aportion ready then go grab the other itwas like sheet you just get somethingmaybe right welcome back but yes no morethe team so anyways so you are done withthe double portion now you have to takethis and cut it into a square piece youget ita square piece let you control for nowthe other way so now you fold thisoption to where say add into a tangleany cut from here so we are done when alittle dose where now again the samething but then you have to do it for 4.5ok 4.5 just 0.5 centimeters more so yesjust minor 4.5 and make a nice just makea dot andand do this all for all the four sidesmeet you guys after I’m donehi voiceover coming back and I’m donebut sauly sauly sauly to the people whowere following me in making but yes itwas actually not 4.5 it was for likehere on also it was for over here alsoit should be who I just saw you guysit’s all your Lordbut anyways do the same thing and cutokay so I said only way from here you dolike that and from here if you cut likethis from down it should be cut but yeahI know I’m done so now this and this cutthe squares out to square those twosquares there’s no more part of thisso after you cut it it would besomething like this now just reallyinteresting it consumes a little bit oftime but then right Ami’s software doneif you look something like this overhere this corner put glue and mix it upoh wait I saw yousorry I’m just going up first you foldit in and half a half like that you knowlike that and now you have a scissorsand cut from the middle one videoso now I’m like that it would be windowthere you will say window and this isuseless so anyways we put glue here sojust stick it like that and over herealso but blue over here and you stick itlike that from here yes and you’re doneanyways what drop really done buddyso here is our Lordand now they say I like the peace outafter the feastthis will be the inside part so youmeasure it if it fits in otherwise Ihave to get another piece my kitchenjust put clean on all of the same likefully you can use tape I don’t wanna useyes yeah done indeed[Music]put it away[Music]so after this you just take this box andput on one of the sidesooh Apple does not stayyes this baby you have this emptyside three-part you just stick it overhere that but then decorationwho doesn’t like decorations anyway solight for easy opening and make it goodyou can cut the stem itself loud for youlet you know some box so we have me oneboo and yes each other hopefully I getcolor red I will get it anyways guysI’ll just get it hey guys welcome backI bought this color it is a good piecebut it’s ok so nice to make a bow justfor the paper in half and draw onesmoosemake it final here but one nice neat soyou just draw just nice creative teamOh guys I made it but just ward off theboard again yesPG a little thing here anyway that’sjust me you know I’m struggling makingnoodles I don’t draw good okayand yet got rid of Chinese[Music][Music]you make the sleeves it could looksomething like a booster after you’redone make sure to make it okay like ifyou are like a person like me like whomesses up everything you will also facelike me so yes just put it like that andI just follow the linesthe bull booI’m so happy making a boy I don’t knowso yes after you’re done stick it putglue on both of the sides of your moosepatch a little bit spray spray boom boomyeah a bow yes we have to make some makeit look awesomeso yes gotta strip it all again make itjust dive in blue like only one sideso once you’re done good it’s so stickyyou put it in the me and wrap and afteryou’re done wrapping it was the a littleweird think that would happen to you ifyou’re like me again yes after justfixing that you’re done and you need tocut two more strips out ofI know what to doI love making browser vendors and Iunderstoodoh no I have to mail your word work herethis much rush it from this much okayno thank you this tiny memo is left upokay but anyway is not sticky glue onthe sides and now spread itlet’s take it from the mess and justmess on you on this but did you feelgoodanything you wanted this look sobeautifulMcGavin make sure to like sharesubscribe ok see you next timehope you saw my other video just thelink will be in the description and thatI show you guys how to make a stressreliever and hope you guys liked thatvideo alsobyefinally my video it’s like a long timebut look so a nice day bye bye bye

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