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In this video I’m baking chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.
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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys welcome back to my channel ifyou need to hear hi my name is Alyonaand today I’m going to be doing a bakingvideo I’m so excited because I lovebaking so much so today we’re gonna bemaking an oatmeal chocolate chip cookiesand these are really good I made thesebeforeso I’m so excited to make them again ifyou haven’t already don’t forget tosubscribe to my channel so let’s getright to this video so first up it saysI need to pre-heat you[Music]okay so I just created the oven and nowI’m going to there is[Music][Music][Music]because I kept very really hear me soulis really fun so yeah so now we’re gonnabe until Karina I don’t think this isrightwell that looks pretty creamy I guess Ithink I had to live the bottle longerbut I thought it is at the egg andvanilla I’ve just been here at the houselike everyone elsethat turned out good let me see whattype of Hansa a flowerI guessokay very thick I’d expect this and myarm is hurtinghere is what night it was like therewere Tekken poises and even my brotherwho came to my room and as I did youhear that I was likeis good so yeah my stuff so thisnow maybe I can make cookies maybe Ican’t call it maybe I can only bake butI have some talentsokay it’s really thick okayit’s good now that make thatclean up a little so I can put the handhere I am so I can’t readit’s a packed brown sugar I put regularsugar that’s why I’m so going why do Ihave this outthat’s probably why it tastes so weirdtoo now I’m gonna put it on the pan I’lljust put these I’m so tired of wearingbraces like I’m so tired of rubber bandI’m supposed to get off this year sothis year I’m going to get them off Isuppose leaders off the last month butthen she was like you were abandonedearly don’t tell me what I already knowso I left my every time I left office Ialways leave so much so my appointmentmy next time is the main fit I don’teven know stuff is do be open by thenthis time so we’ll see I’m just over Ican’t wait till my teeth are nice andstraight I believe me surprised at thistime she likes meI think they’re gonna be too big butit’s okay[Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music]they’re a little light-skinned but it’sokay it’s okay it’s because I didn’t putbrown sugar it’s okay I’m a little latertoo you knowthey’re light skin like me[Music][Applause][Music]they’re now ready yet well I just can’twait to those quarantine ends because Iwant to do I want to do fun things thissummer man they got canceled I’m reallynot at school that’s where I’ve beenit’s so funny because I learned late thelast two weeks I was begging like I hadwanted to be homeschooled so bad and nowI have it and I’m like something that’sboring something I wish I was butand I miss my sister she supposed to becoming ma[Music]oh my gosh I did that they look so goodthey weren’t as big I mean actually theycame out pretty big but it’s okay[Music]the pan so now I can make another[Music][Music][Music]okay well I’m done[Music]now it is okay so this is the cookiepyro already broken let me put it backtogetheroh really good yeahdo it a bit like to drive that with nofellowship slow daddyokay that’s different little minthis is it right hereyou saw me make these I’m notsalt was optional it says here by footand in the ground I’ll make and in thoseokay well that’s it for this week’svideo if you liked it please like andsubscribe I really like the baking itwas so much fun I’m so about how theyturned out even though I messed up theycame out really good I’ll see you guysin my next video[Music]

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