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bake cookies with me 🍪🍫

me trying to bake cookies and waffling for almost 15 mins


Lovely by Amine Maxwell
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Video Transcription

[Music]hi everyone tonight I’m going to bemaking some cookiesum this is my recipe and I’m not goodBaker and I don’t have the fullingredients so we’re just gonna go tothe side and see if it comes out nicebut yeah the recipes from tasty I’ll puta link in the description because Imight go like sued copyrightedI don’t know so let’s stopso the first ingredients the sugars saltbutter so I think I’m gonna stopmeasuring out my sugar we need 100 gramsgranulated sugar bottom half for anylaces why’d you buy some main sugar isthat the same thing yeah I’m just gonnause my scale[Music]it doesn’t like pace oh man my dad’sback all right yeah[Music]pre-series well am I going to sift theprecip did flour sifted so should i siftit um how has everyone been in corn – Ihave been trying to learn C sharp forthe longest time ever and then I usuallyactually rainbow with my friends on theXbox and we take off Charlotte oninvestment yeahquarantine has been chaotic oh that’sall right I’m doing the right thingwhat sifting right ah I call themovement now okaybaking soda really guilty when I don’tdo worklook I’ve been revising every day sinceyeah ten whatever Y Z but doing walk soI got to have it and then now I feelreally bad when I don’t she’s not verynice I’m just not used to trying outanymore and kind of into a cycle becauselike if I don’t do work and I feel awfuland if I feel awful but then I won’t do[Music]houses us as always sing for I just needto study to feel like I’m beingproductive and though I’m not wasting mytime but maybe by being productive orwell studying all the time I am wastingmy time because I should have fun thisis fun I’m gonna slice my fingeryou know my teenage units you know comeon again to volleyball[Music][Music][Music][Laughter][Music]I made this is a dodo[Music]it’s it’s cool and it does look like acookie now by looks and we’re gonna make[Music]let’s go then I how big I want these tobe that was so so sorryfondue again a first-rate excites likesfor some reason and here’s a really bigright[Music]perhaps a dozen Bunty like potatoswinging over you have a fine right Ididn’t put like baking powder or like[Music]soft raising flour so shouldn’t spreadout that muchhold on much for baking soda does thatmust mix stuff rise to by don’t know howmuch so if these all start connectingthem try these are starting to remind meof like the KFC cookies look like[Music][Applause][Music]please I was so wrong all of the cookieshave completely expanded I can’toven mitts are gone[Applause][Music]if expanded so much they look so goodthough and I’m not better than Iexpectedtada feel that done to be honest trygive them another one minute nice[Applause]I gave them a few extra minutes theyshould be done you try not burn myselfI bought myself with an elbow and withan Albers I bonded myself of the kettlemy bond my elbow with a kettle recentlythat I’ve done um I don’t really expectto get burned in the other feel likewinning nice home I tease them I wish Ihad been up vanilla ice cream right sothis cookie was purely made out ofchocolate and chalk only so just fellapartmmm goodthere’s no be like ginger as wellhmmI’m gonna try hey it’s me let’s go chokeon it fellows chocolate hmm pretty niceyeahWow so anything you’re concerned abouthuge no problem she likes ithe’s pretty picky to see tada this is mystack of cookies let me eat one oncamera or make it something actuallydoes my hair look good maybe I prefer totake a pictureanyway thanks guys watching this video Ihope you have another lockdown blog baronce I got no he took us on the helmingrope

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