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Learn English with me while making cookies!
An easy recipe to follow for all ages~


150g butter/margarine
80g Sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons of vanilla essence
1 large egg
1 1/2 cups of cake flour
1 1/2 teaspoons of Baking Powder
1/2 cup of choc chips

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Video Transcription

welcome to my mom’s kitchen and today weare going to be making cookies we’regoing to be baking cookies and we’regoing to be making chocolate chipcookies so I hope you are ready becauseI think we are going to have so much funhopefully you can do this at home but ifyou don’t have an oven that’s okay youcan watch me and maybe in the futureyou’ll be able to use an oven at schoolor at a friend’s houseso let’s bake here are some things thatwe’re going to need in order to make ourcookies and this is butter well actuallyit’s not exactly butter it’s somethingcalled margarine and it is a runner andit is 250 grams and I bought anotherblockjust in case we run out but there’s noway that that’s going to happen bakingtray over here mmmmy stuff in my house is not beautifuland brand new it’s quite old um but thatactually doesn’t matter it’s not aboutthe stuff that you have it’s about thestuff that you make is my oven glove forwhen I take the cookies out why do youthink I might need an oven gloveprobably because the cookies will be toohot and here is my apron and I’m goingto put the apron on now if you don’thave an apron at home you can alwayswear old clothes so that you don’tgetting dirt on them or in stains I feellike a real cook now dishwashing liquidor hand soap to wash your hands becausewe want to keep away from our cookiesnice and clean so we’ve also got somesugar here’s the sugar and I hope it’sgoing to be enough here are the eggs Idrop it on the floor you don’t need todrop it on the ball ah here is a nicebig bowl I think it’s best to use a nicebig bowl when we cook and what else haveI got some baking sodaI’ve got vanilla extract mmm pinch ofsalt remember we’re only going to use atiny little bit of salt mmm here we’vegot our flour cookies and here is asieve this is for sifting the flour andwe’ve also got an egg beater great sothe first thing we are going to do iswe’re going to preheat our oven andplease get your parents to help you ifyou have to use any fire because fire isdangerousand it’s so easy to start a fire so nowthat I’ve preheated the oven I’m goingto go ahead and start mixing thingstogetherI don’t bake very often because I don’thave an oven in China mmm so mymeasurements might not be exact but I’mgoing to try my best and however mycookies come out it won’t matter becauseI am having fun in the process and thatis the most important thing with firststep is going to be to take the butterand cut 150 grams of it so this is 250so I think we can probably cut it inhalf a little bit more than halfso next I think we’re going to be addingthe sugar Wow looks really prettyif you have a microwave you could alwaysput this into the microwave for about 10seconds to let it soften what I’m goingto do because I didn’t use real butteris I’m just going to start mixing[Music]see this is what it should look likethis kind of yucky slimy paste now thatwe’ve done that we’re going to add ourhow to get a nice big egg this egg isnice and big this is a real egg guysthis is not like the one in my classroomI promisebut there’s the egg and now I’m going toadd in the vanilla extract also known asvanilla essence so here is our vanillaessence and we are going to add it nowthis is called a tablespoon it’s like abig spoon and I’m going to show you ateaspoon and I’m going to put thevanilla extract on it there we go andwe’re going to just go like thiswoo woo all rightgreat stuff and then we are going to mixit all together it looks a little bitlike eggs like scrambled eggs and I amjust going to go ahead and add the otheringredients cup that I’m going to useand I’m going to measure just a littlebit over half so like like just like upthere and hopefully that’s enough flourusually you should stick to the recipevery well but I just feel likeexperimenting todayand I don’t actually have the right cupsize so I’m just going to use this oneI’m going to improvise a pinch of saltI’m using Himalayan crystal salt but youcan use any salt you like just a littlebit of salt not a lot of salt at all andjust just so little because we don’twant to yaki we don’t want to saltysalty biscuits I’m going to do one and ahalf teaspoons of my baking powder hereit is here’s our baking powder I’m justgonna add it in so here’s one mmm eat iteat it eat it eat it and here’s my HOFwhy I think it’s George’s I think MissGeorgia is better at drawing then sheliketo add in our cake flour here we go hereit is cake wheat flour cake flour andhere is our sieve and I’m going to siftthe flour through this this over here Iwas supposed to add the baking powderbut as you can see I didn’t follow theingredients I didn’t follow the recipeeditor and editor done oh it’s going tohappen let’s find out we go one twothree ah now we’re just going to stiffedI am sifting the flour[Music]now we’re going to mix it again let’smix it and I think we also need to addsome chocolate chip cookies we’re on mychocolate chip cookies and we’re goingto continue mixing[Music]like the news in this unimolecular[Music]melody Kellerman mom was great see whatthe mister looks like it looks much moredelicious you can even if your fingersare clean you can even just stick yourfinger inside and just taste it veryvery little bit mmm yeah it’s going tobe good I think it tastes just right nowwhat you’re going to do is you’re goingto take this Rama over here or thebutter whatever kind of butter you haveand you’re going to just take a cornerover here I’m just going to go and thenyou’re going to take some Ramawhat do you think this might be for yeahthis is so that the cookies don’t stickto the bottom of the tray will be tryingto get them off and won’t be able to goit’s nice and buttered and now it’s timeto take our[Applause]youI just so now we’re ready to put ourbiscuits into the government I thinkthat maybe this recipe has a little bitwe’ll see what happensI waited 15 to 20 minutes it actuallytook more like 20 minutes and they’rekind of ugly but they smelt reallyreally good and they tasted reallyreally good[Music]

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