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Video Transcription

hey what’s up y’all is me annoying asDiddy so I’m in my kitchen and I justcome across bags of bread bread breadbread bread and we just got a new breadnew bread so what I’m about to do withthis bread I’m gonna make some breadpudding all right John so let me showyou what I gotI got three eggs I’m gonna drop in thishousesome water vanilla sugarsome condensed milk coconut oil cinnamonand cloveand I forgot don’t be all the time youknowall rightyes I worksorry I mean perked up the recession thebetter than a hair earlier I’d melt it[Music]I’m trying to think what should I addnextwe’re gonna add some condensed milk[Music][Music]it’s like it’s like after five o’clockand everybody watch just had dinner andI’m making dessert I made like a bourbonpicture there’s some rice some friedrice on this is bread pudding soI’m going to attach it before you decideto click go to the next videono make wrong move any quit[Music]all the legs it stirred into it justlike this I look at this and then I gotthat s myself I wish I could taste thisoh girl if you like pina coladaalright bunnies now he bred up I gotenough food so this is bread that’s beensitting around and nobody’s gonna eat sobest way to make them eat it is to makeit into a desert desert desert goodbread bread pudding sounds goodit is good make very very very good[Applause]hey hey hey language she’s not that typeof video my here watch that when I’mdoneplease and tink you really very much Ithink my putting peanut butter in iswhat you think yeah let me know down inthe comments what I think I should saythat maybe the next one[Music][Music]it’s got a hamburger bun and then CJ4lyfe why she using so many differenttexture brands throw it is bread[Music]we don’t like the potato sweet they seemto beI’m trying something different thetables in the bargain for charters Imean burgers workshops without Bourbonreally what is going on with a pan youate all your food my son he not eaten aday later tonight[Music][Music][Music]and the bread is kind of like soaked init I see why they put it in the panfirst it’s like falling apart nowFaceman I already got a free butteredpan that’s money baby that’s moneyeverythingalright guys so this is how it looksbefore is going in the ovenhmm okay yeah so this is how it looksit’s done I’m gonna taste it now youshould have seen it when I first cameout of the oven it was like a monster[Music]I’m time think do we need a glaze yougot your food I ate my foodall right guys fine we’ll go ahead andflip it onto this plate[Applause][Music][Music]now you’re not go scrape this out of the80 right okay so this is what it lookslike flipped out of the panalrights also make the glaze I’m goingto use cinnamon some confectionery sugarpowdered sugar just let side down andsome good old meal[Music][Applause][Music][Music]I’m open it sin to me and now I’m goingto flip the camera so he gets a minuteand we make things alright Josh so myson he wanted to come in and help gothim mixing the glaze so I had to addmore powdered sugar and more cinnamonbecauseI put so much milk but there’s stillconclude I think that looks good papamm-hmm all right you’re still here go toglaze I’m back on the top put it in sonof a like a fudge[Music][Music]I’m using this like[Music]I would say it needs a little more sweetso I’m just poking like little holes init Wow I like that you like itall right so I’m gonna put this in therefrigerator and let it set and we’ll beright back over to our sandbox of playand to it I don’t even know how I’mgonna crack this thing I’m gonna cut ina little trying I’m putting a littletriangleokay[Music][Music][Music][Music]that’s good that’s my time[Applause]but get out of here and if you are newto this channel please like comment andsubscribe hit that notification bill andso my fellow annoys you I already knowwhat they’re doinghit that thumbs up leave a commentinteract with anybody you find and she’sstill gonna comment I know until nexttime it’s annoying as DD peace melt andsay butter baby

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