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Spanish Bread/ bake w/ me🥖

It was a succes guy’s!! I’ll use this recipe again kase malambot pa rin xa after a few days!!😀so happy i found the perfect recipe na.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

please[Music][Music]my need back[Music][Laughter][Music][Laughter]hi guys welcome back to my channel intoday’s video though at iu na Spanishbreads so book a nothing let me say lasttime master of dementia Milan poochesfirst de perro second a parachute butbut a session but also take nothing youlatertry not even try not a nun ebong recipeso yeah now arrived in a my ingredientsnothing I guess it a my ingredients atthe committee not in Marin pie onteaspoon of sugar do you not have thisone of active years half a cup of warmwatermaranatha feeling Meredith I am playingbreadcrumbs butter and then brown sugaralso using evaporated milk and then anall-purpose flour and also 1/2 cup ofbutter for the dough and then threeyellow egg yolks and then salt I alsohave 1/2 cup of sugar so guys let’sstart so when I in an Athenian water notin you 1/2 cup of water not in Indonesiawarm cozy can end up at about 10 secondand thenNathaniel one teaspoon of sugar and thenyoung doing a half teaspoon now up TBSsecond ten-second Bansha I don’t be shyso bring in it because it needs to belukewarm soul again I’m not a youngmonkey spoon on sugar and also you do ina half piece one now a PBS and then mixone method say and mix on that thing andthen let it sit for about ten minutes sostart floor so young four cups ofall-purpose flour sugar you’ll havegovernment sugar in Daniel salt new solet’s just make it together mix ittotally down in the next but nah mix youknow you’re before sugar high in Seoullook a pretty domestic in the venue warmmilk nothing so long nothing more milk[Music]yesmake sure nothing you’re not sure guysafter ten minutesguy bubbles in egg yolks nothing youthree egg yolks nothing in the next yourbutter nothing you have coconut butternothing – nothing so microwave so stirthem nothing better ma bonne chancethis is what it looks like guys nothingand then we’re gonna mix her nothingalligator nothing sardines and mixer soit’s ready now shall I mix it for abouteight minutes nothing in the next issprayed on a pin or Logano nothing onall the oilI think ball then the transfer NATOpaper towel let it sit for about twohoursStefano met in China Lingif nothing even primer for about twohours like a nothing she said open andthis is what it looks like two hours andthen I assumed oh nothinggo and put an Athenian feeling nothingso my epic read in a young doe ready notin yon feeling nothing so maritime 1/2cup none butteryoung ones Dignam butter the postGilligan did nothing nah3/4 cup breadcrumbsbreadcrumbs[Music]apples we need 1/2 cup now brown sugarthat was treat this one now mix them upin mixed up in strong hand mixer[Music][Music]so gosh I ride in a shower Anyanow mix the nothing no booty so howabout a not innuendo yes I do not opposemy gugus muna finema genomic nap in my cups so and I cancry out but ready named oh hi guys it’sbeen two hours now check the Domitianyeah so ready – ah[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Music]I bake Nanette in Union so big nothingabout 18 to 20 minutes until it’s goldenbrown so guys ready to abandon happen Ithink it’s ready now yes the bread isreadythat’s the Spanish breadis it okay so bye guys bye guys thankyou for watchingdo you see like like subscribe apply andshare and share super bye bye bye

3 Replies to “Spanish Bread/ bake w/ me🥖

  1. You did it! Now how you do that air fryer with that chicken? When I made chicken one time it taste to funny.

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  3. Omggg…I love avocado…you said it was good so we may have to give it a try lol…nice video.

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  5. I wear gloves and have a mini lysol spray I carry! I wash my hands a lot more and got hand sanitizer on deck. I work with the public and have not time for games!

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