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Hey fam and all my subscriber today we are having a challenge it’s called No BAKE banana challenge doing this with my niece it was fun doing this challenge it was created by Spicy SPIVEY 😀 hope y’all like this video

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Video Transcription

people welcome back to Tianshan winnersTV I’m sure when des and I had my niecehere todayhey yeah I’m Jamie yes I had my kneeshere todaytea is sick and we had to take her tothe hospital last night she is not veryChi is not feeling well so I’m gratefulkeep dog in her purseall right so today what we got going onis we have a challenge this challengewas created by spicy fighting me yeahyeah so she called us outspicy my fiance won’t be able to do thison my knees gonna do it I don’t knowI’ll be scared of all of theirchallenges because I watch the videosand stuff but the lord have mercyyeah yeah goodness yeah so oh man thething is you take one slice of weed Iguess we’re going to get started you’reto slice to play and you can have anywayof your choice it can be several Eve wayit could be your off flame could be adollar store brand wave any kind ofbleep it doesn’t matter owns this bleepyeah and it’s this call no way bakechallenge the song so what’s the matterget it on the bagelOmega the hard to chew mealyeah you gotta tell somebody they knowoh boyand she puts a hole but none of y’all aseeing each other and we got sometoppings we got peanut butter we gotsome 20 minutes you got some chocolatesyrup oh no what you gonna find my Obamaput peanut butter on it yeah guys oh shesaid to put two toppings to breathe shecheating on the banana Ohobviously the prop that banana littlebusiness took me it took me when she betherewell I’m sorry we’re doing this wrongbecause I do it like this I just go hereI want to do the peanut butter cuz oh Ithink that’s gonna be legit they shouldbe on sex I yeah banana it’s gonna comeeverything Oh thinking that she put iton the banana to be funnyokay here’s challenge with 50 sweet likea kinkyI will put the chocolate sample no let’sgo hey this is the perfect one she’snaked like some see Cheetara dude I meanso much this time was 1 minute and 57seconds so about to start the timer andI’m gonna put it on the side right hereMarchokay sit go get cotton outlet nothingbut some syrup on it top one step on itwait wait Daniel got peanuts in it thepeanut butter hmm but you’re gonna do itright all right but no no no be done bynoon okay yeah listen manoh boy babewhat um didn’t you try this man you knowsomething I don’t know he should be apitcher don’t hey all day so thisprobably you got all right this is inwinter snake out green friar communitypride put some ice cream with meI wouldn’t say yogurt but I cream I’vegot only big one though one that’s itbut I didn’t beat her time though I’mregard alone Lenore no I’m gonna put thetime on the screen let y’all know yeah Icould go back and see what time I saw Ithink I stopped it like 10 like – twominutes in 13 seconds or so yeah I try Iyou go yeah I like to enjoy my food soshe know I will lose I knew I need somedrink after this bottle of cold wateroh gosh I said girl you can you did thisCharles mm-hmm more of a song yeah butyour honor things no sparking try the uhthey got this they got the Queen Big Surtwo-time teamI see I’ve been right up off this camerahuh oh my god this was just a shortchallenge but also y’all don’t forget toLike comment and subscribe please andstay tuned for other videos I like peace[Music]

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