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Bread flour 300g
Sugar 30-35g
Instant yeast 3g
Salt 3g
Japanese 3.6 milk / Milf of your choice 220g
Unsalted butter 30g

*Bake 200C(upper heat) 15min + 170C(upper heat) 200C (lower heat) 15min

1. Use luke warm liquid if weather is cold (lower than 15C). Use icy liquid if weather is hot (higher than 30C).
2. Individual oven might have different characteristics, adjust baking temperature and time accordingly.

高筋麵粉 300克
糖 30-35克
即溶酵母 3克
鹽 3克
日本3.6牛奶 / 自選牛奶 220克
無鹽牛油 30克

*烘烤 200度(上火和下火) 15分鐘 + 200度(上火) 170度(下火) 15分鐘

1. 冬天天氣(低於15度)宜用暖水. 夏天天氣(高於30度)宜用冰水.
2. 每個焗爐/烤箱有自己的個性, 可按其個性調節溫度和時間.

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