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Making Melon Pan At Home | Japanese Bread Easy Recipe ♡ Vlog

*For some reason, my comment section keeps turning off automatically, maybe YouTube thinks I’m a kid. LOL* Easy recipe to make Japanese sweet bread melon pan at home with basic ingredients and white bread. You can make a similar bread to a melon pan! I went to DAISO to get some useful items and washed my shoes too. I’m ready to go out soon but hopefully, everyone stays safe!

++++ Melon Pan Recipe ++++


Butter – 1.5 tbsp
Suger – 1 tbsp
Flour – 2 tbsp / Potato starch – 2 tsp / Cornstarch – 2 tsp

1. Mix all ingredients
2. Squeeze 1. until it becomes a paste
3. Apply it to a bread!
4. Toast it for 4 mins
5. Done!
I’ve highlighted some handy Japanese words in the video whenever I speak them so you can follow along. A few of the words have many meanings, but I will just write down ones that match my context.

++++ Vocabulary List ++++

1. 1日目 Ichinichime / Day 1
2. メロンパン Melon Pan / Melon shaped bread
3. 食パン🍞 Shokupan / White bread
4. いい感じ Iikanji / Looks good
5. おすすめ Osusume / Recommended
6. 次は Tsugi wa / Next is
7. 最高 Saikou / Awesome
8. 重い Omoi / Heavy
9. できた Dekita / I did it.
10. ちょっと待っててね Chottomattetene / Wait a sec.

Tokyo Creative ♡

If there is anything you would like TC or me to try, please reach out to us anytime!

Original of the video here

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