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Lockdown, Cooking Home! Quarantine!! Let’s Bake Bread Together 🤷‍♂️

Guys try making this break at home, you will love it with a cup of Tea or Coffee 😋😋

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Please let’s all pray for those affected by Coronavirus (Covid19)


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Video Transcription

welcome back to my channel again sotoday we have come up with an idea ofshowing you guys how to make a veryquick and easy instant kind of bread athome as you guys know that coronavirusis really spread out very like rapidlyand no matter how much you stock up yourgroceries like you would still run outof something and this can be bread likeyou need like bread for everything like40 like us we use bread for dipping inthe curry so we have come with an ideaof making instant bread at home so wehave my sister has prepared someingredients here to show you guys andshe’s gonna show you step-by-step of howto make the bread so I’ll I’ll give itto her and then she will start showingyou step-by-step of how to the bread sowe have about quarter teaspoon of salt Ihave switched out the flame here too lowand here I’m going to add the butterwhich is 2 tablespoon of the butter andI havetwo tablespoon of the yogurt and we havetwo tablespoon of the salt and here Ihave one egg which is optional you caneven put it later on if you don’tconsume eggs and here I have oneteaspoon of baking powder 1 teaspoon ofactive yeast and quarter teaspoon ofbaking soda so here I have three cups offlour I have taken this measuring cupand I have measured the flour which isthree cups and I’m going to put water byusing this cup so the ingredients arequite understandable to you and here I’mnow increasing the flame I just have tomake sure that this gets a quick boilI’m also adding 3 tbsp of milk which isagain optional and yeah so thisbasically this is a needing water whichI will be using to knead the flour hereand there I’m just going to mix with awooden spoon so that everything getswell incorporated here and check itscore not boiling it just warm becauseagain it should be I should be able tocatch up with my hands because I knowI’ll be needing the clock to get overthis mixture so I see a quick a quickwarm so that the sole and the sugar getsmelted and as you can see here I have tocapture the four ingredients like theegg taking photos at abused and thebaking soda I will put them later onso maybe half a minuteso this thing’s will go here you knowother than the flour and this will go inhere as well well this is enough for meso we will be switching off the stoveand it’s now trying to make our handsdirty so I’ll just wear gloves and mixthe resin neither laughs so guys as youcan see it’s just warm it’s not boilingso I’m just starting to put the flour inherejust let it mix in here and I will firstI will just try to use the wooden spoonbecause it’s a bit hot and definitely Iwouldn’t want to mess my hand so quicklyso then as you’re kneading at the floorI will just be meeting this one as welland if needed if you see that we needmore of the water then you can againmeasure and just take the water but Ihave made this bread couple of times andwe should be enough with this much waterand the liquid which we have is hereso this is the flower and as you can seeso I will just be moving to this planehere and we’ll just be covering thiswith something so that it gets a bit ofrice like half an hour and with this onethe loaf pan which I’m going to use itand so I’m just going to quickly butterit with butter you can use oil if you’dlike but yeah I’m using butter and yeahso it has been half an hour I’m justopening to check Wow yeah here as youcan see my dog has quite come into afluffy and it’s just time to get a pairof hands messy and[Music]now it’s time to roll them in a shapewhich you want so so we’ll just have tosprinkle a bit of flour this side and Iwill take my dough here and I will justput the sprinkle bar in between and Iwill just tap it a bit like this so it’sin shape of the law which I want and Iwill again wait for it like take fiveminutes and I will just put in the inthe container okay guys so we’re goingto preheat our oven and I’m just goingto put the maximum temperature right nowhere it’s 350 degrees centigrade and thetimer I will just set it for like onehour 20 minutes and then I will just belooking in between and meanwhile here Ihave a grease my pan and I had just hada bit of fire in it and now I will betransforming this doughand here and so after preheating theoven for like five minutes we’re justgoing to put this pan inside the ovenand we’ll meet you after we’ll keep onchecking after 20 minutes so guys nowI’m actually going to adjust thetemperature as per the bread loafrequirement and the starting temperaturehere I will be putting is 220 and thetime again will just be the same I don’tbother we’ll just stop it in between andthen I will exactly be telling you sothis is the law and I’m going to put ona lower rack yeah and yeah we’ll bechecking it after 20 minutes has beenalmost 15 minutes and now I’m going toraise the temperature to 250 and thetime will still be the same and I’mgoing to to just cover the lovejust grease the law with a little of theegg yolk in here so that it gives us alight golden color on top and then I’mgoing to put on the upper rackso that it gets well-cooked so this isthe correct and I’m going to keep ithere and then Y after 15 minutes we’llcheck it again so guys it has beenpretty five minutes and I’m just goingto open this and you can see my loaf ishere and I’m just going to apply them ofthe yolk on top so that we get the browncolor like a be able to see the brown ontopdefinitely so guys it has been almoststill of 15 minutes and I had poked aknife in between to see if it shows andnow as you can see this is the finalresult of the bread and I’m just goingto I was supposed to cool it down andthen Curt stick up the gloves and youcan see from here and this is the breadand I’m just going to cut it and show itto you hey guys it’s super hot oh Ican’t even touch itright in hereit’s too hot now as you can see theinside just take once as you can seelooks fluffy it’s been fluffy and it’squite soft in here I’ll just pickanother one to show it to you and theother ones even just seen from here insuperwash you can see the steam comingout alright guys so thank you forwatching this video till the end andthis is the final look of all the breadsand your so fluffy I tried one and itwas so good I just like the way how it’scooked inside I was a little bit worriedwe’re a little bit worried we thoughtthat either side would be a bit raw butit’s just perfect and it tasted so goodso this this kind of bread like you canmake it very instantly and you can haveit with tree-like for breakfast you canhave it like with any kind of curry athome and as I said like you know you canrun out of your groceries at home soit’s good to make something like youknow like an emergencyso guys stay safe out there and see younext time

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