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Learn how to bake sweet home #breads # Egypt Cairo) 🥰

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Video Transcription

Temari gentlemen I intend to marry weare burned additional how to make homesweet break in a cable TV I would liketo recommend you please friendlysubscribe to our YouTube channel I cando CV and do not forget to like and givea pollinate by your comments thank youfor your attorney and also subscribe toour Channel may God bless soonam on video will be seen and learned howto me is sweet spoon pray and perhaps[Music]now we gotta start how to make sinhombre this book and people and thissugar 40 milligrams and these mattegreen and so people don’t know is mydream yeah we’re calling water thiswater and this butter is truly a Grammythis was one of the sauce in more whitekill you of flour and this a stew makeits most tough as she visit East this isto make it to rice and this water wehave one water here and now to make itso Rockstar right it was not cheap onlyjust two hours to make it so fast ourrice you’re gonna use warm water and inwarm water we all know know what’s yourmeat so they make when you eat meat youcan be a Janeall sweet three and this week and thisweek we’re gonna use like two a week Iwas like I don’t know you like meI want me to take Senor you know thismake I’m gonna make the mix to get upthe god yeah this me so it means the mixtogether Wowso now you gotta get a knife or scissorsto cut the eggsokay so you take in one kilo of whiteflour you’re gonna use one one isbecause we are using one and half sowe’ll use and no and each model is wannaadd leaks in the so you mix it togetherthis is and water in order to measureand water that you want to use becauseof the make a list okay you put it asidethis fosston is gonna fill done I seeI’m 20 day flour in a bowl not what ifour or you know there’s some rightbecause the waterso it’s on a little bit I kept your exunless you take me to that before himwell rig up the return of each othernow you take the shot and now we turn toD my brain see take the cakerock it up again Wow I’m using Hey so wesome people use Mouse you play your handas you likeI’m doing this to make the mix TonyAbbott Tony[Music]wateryou seem very take the rest of theflower with money is our flower[Music]fellalisten is out of time listening togetherlike this no tickets ticket with a plainwhite B and C I’m gonna put it inside itopen for jaws mimics let’s go what dost[Music]our you can see[Music][Music][Music][Music]yes[Music][Music]okay[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]these are you think so you directingbreaking yeah you know we don’t know canyou leave Britain bit yeah put it mygreen face look at the size what is thissize just for it[Music][Music]with[Music][Music]sighs just[Music][Music]I pulled a string[Music][Music]like so[Music]mmm-hmmvery smart and everything issupernaturalthey can see the prey yay socks breadand a slice pray daily got a slightbreak and now you’re gonna make hayneedsWow having some song sometimes in havingyou swash mice for my gosh 26 Russiansthe surface very nice people have to bethe put it in a thirty million becausewe do use fifty[Music]now we only Gus[Music]yeah we’ve got to spendahbecausefor the press[Music]yeah yeahfunnyOh veritable Charles dictates migratethis migration yeah supported my dreamyour needs go to chai chai you knowreheating but afraid I don’t need waterjust need just t-bones I just need toolsoh yeah this is the own sweet bread thisone sweet bread very delicious so now wegotta take my houseyeah today well it was easy easythank you thank you- discu– sweet bread this poem sweetbread and it’s very great house see veryshe knowledge indemnityremember I said we’re not gonna needanything more just stick out money forvery good for me wanna go down by Godgrace we’re gonna make a loving thingsmore a lot of things please subscribe toour Channel and the Black Sea see you

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