Bread Recipes


Warm water 12floz
Instant Dry yeast 30g
Bread Flour 1lb 6oz
Salt. 15g
Granulated sugar 60g
Non fat dry milk powder 30g
Shortening 30g
Unsalted butter. 30g
Eggs. 50g

Baked in oven @325-350 degrees for 10-12 mins
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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys welcome back to flavor kingdomtoday aspromised i’m going to be making bread iknow everybody loves breadbut not everybody like to buy bread fromthe store becauseone it’s just the size is just notalways consistentthe it’s not always fresh you knowthere’s numerous reasons whysome of us don’t like buying bread sothat’s why i’m gonna teach you guys howto make bread from the comfort of yourown homeso if you’re one of those persons whodoes not like to buy bread from thestorethen stick around because you’re gonnawant to learn thisokay guys so let’s get straight into itin this bowl i havethe water and the yeast that i hadsitting for a little bitum now we’re just gonna add all theother ingredientsin so here i have my softened butter youalways want to start with clean handsbecausei don’t like to use gloves when i’mmaking bread so i just want to doeverything real quickso start off with clean handsand then you’re going to dump everythinginto the big bowlso that was my butter and then i addedmy sharpening and then i have drymilk powder i’m gonna add in here aswelli have sugar and i’m gonna add the sugarin as wellas well as my saltand my eggs and don’t worry about themeasurement guysi’m going to add the measurements intothe um descriptionbox so that you guys could umbetter know the measurements that waybecause if i tell you the measurementsnowi’m not sure you’re gonna be able tokeep up with meso you’re gonna mix that all in and thenwe’re gonna add the flour and this isbread flourwe’re gonna add in our flourand we’re gonna mix this untileverything gets dissolved into itbefore we add the remaining flouri’m gonna mix all of this together untileverything is dissolvedokay so we mix everything inand then after that we’re gonna mix therest of the umremaining flour in hereit’s gonna start becoming doughy andthat’s what you wantso at this point it should start lookinglike this actually i’m gonna getthese taken care ofit’s going to start looking like thisguys if it’s too wet you could alwaysadd more flour into itbecause you’re you’re trying to make adough so it’s supposed to besoft and fluffy not wetokay guys so we’re gonna continue toknead the dough until it become theright consistency right now it’s alittle bitstill sticky and as you can see i haveit on my counter topand um yeah so we’re just gonna do thisfor like eightto ten minutes until the dough becomessmooth and stretchy and then we’ll knowand not as sticky as it is now so it’sstill stickyso you’re just gonna continue to do thatand you can sprinkle your countertopwith a little bit of flourso that it’s you know the dough can cometogetherso you’re just gonna knead it until itdoesuntil it comes togetherso we’re gonna just do this for eight toten minutesso a little process but i’m telling youthe rewards areeverythingi’m just gonna do that untilit comes togetherit’s coming together you can see it’salready coming together here right nowit’s becoming less stickyyou don’t want to knead too much on itbecause when you need the doughyou develop gluten and gluten can makeyourbuns harder whateveri’m gonna make your dough too hardbecause then your finished product willbe hardand dry you don’t want that so you’relightlyworking the doughthat’s what i’m doing now foldingi’m gonna get it niceokay guys after working the dough forapproximately 30 minutesjust finally came together so now we’regoing to put itin the bowl and let it rest and fermentso you put it in the bowl and then youwant to cover the bowlwith plastic now i turned my airconditioner off in the housejust because i needed it to behot for the dough to riseso make sure you guys do thati’ll put a double one over here so it’stightly lockedokay guys so i’m gonna set this to bulkfermentand then we’llcontinue okay guys so the doughhas both fermented foran hour so without third reducelet’s get right into it see it hasdoubled insize so that’s how you know it asfermented see it got biggerso the yeast rice the doughso now we’re going torelease some of the gases that areinside of the doughhow are we going to do that we’re goingto punch it downpunch the dough down fold it over acouple timeslike sosee how nice and stretchy the dough is ilike thatso we’re just gonna do that with thedoughand then you never want to use a knifeto cut your doughyou have to get one of these if youdon’t have one of theseyou need to get one of these becauseyou don’t want to use a knife becauseyou’re going to tr traptrap oh tongue twistertrap the gases inside the door needleokay guys soafter we portion the dough we’re goingto startshaping the dough pre-shaping the doughand so for the buns you want to gotuck it in you’re going to fold it intofourinto two sorry pretty muchi like to do that so that the doughcould rest the gluten could get to restin between so that your your buns comeout softand not too hard so that’s what i liketo do before iround them upi’m gonna do that to each onelast one i’m gonna make in six monthsfor nowand then so you pre-shape themokay guys so after we pre-shape thedough now we’re gonna roundthe dough and form it into thefinal shaping so you wanna go aroundand tuck each side and close what youwant to call the keyso it should look like this and you wantto close that togetherand then after you close it togetherthen you’re going to go aroundand round it on the counter topuntil it looks like a little ball solike this you coulduse two hands so like form itneatly so that’s what your finishedproduct should so guys here i haveall six buttonsshaped and ready to be proofed so nowi’m going to cover this with plasticand set it so it could rise up againsecond step for the rising processso i’m going to let these proof and theni’ll come back and show you guyswhat they should look like before youegg wash themsee them if you want to and put them inthe ovenokay guys so i’m back to show you guysthe process so farsee it’s rised enough where it’stouching the plasticwhen it gets to this point i like toremove the plastic so that the plasticdoesn’t enter the bread fromrising up so i’m going to remove theplastic now and let it continue to riseokay guys so i’ve let the buns proof foran hour and they’re finally readyas you can see this is the readythis is what they look like when they’reready a trick for me to knowis i rub my finger on them and i like tofill thei wait till they’re like really hard ontop so that you can get that crustthat nice crust on your bun and so nowwe’re gonna do the last step which isapplying the egg wash with a brushso we’re gonna egg wash them so thatthey will have that nice golden browncolorand shine and then we’re gonna sprinklesome seeds on topand then we’re gonna finish them off inthe ovenso when you’re brushing you want to doit gentleso that you don’t poke it because if youpoke it it’s going to deflateyour buns are going to be flat you don’twant those flat buttons get iti’m bad don’t listen to me anyways we’regonna apply the egg wash onto the bunsyou want to try to get it on the sidesas possiblewhen i’m doing it i do my brush likethisyou know so i could get all around thesiteokay guys i’m back to show you guys thefinished resultshere’s the buns after 13 minutes insteadof 16 it took only 13.nice golden brown it’s really shiny fromthe egg wash and the egg wash that i usewas just basiceggs one egg and a little bit of wateryou know and then i added some sesameseeds on topso if you look closer you can see theshine that’s what the egg wash doesand you what’s the bun without you knowthis nicecrust oh my god i can’t wait to breakinto it i should break into it justshow you guys what it looks like niceand airynice it’s still warm but as you can seeit’s nice not dense really fluffyso if you guys like this video pleasegive it a thumbs updon’t forget to share and most of allsubscribelet me know what you guys want to seenext let me know what i could do betterin my videosyou know just just feel free to commentthank you[Music]

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