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How to cook 🐟 Fish Fillet with bread crumbs.Delicious Fish Fillet ever.

How to cook Fish Fillet with bread crumbs
A Delicious fish fillet.

One of our favorite 😍 dish with
My family.

.850 grams of fish fillet
.salt as required
.ground black pepper as required
.1 teaspoon of cumin
.ginger as required (optional)
.1/2 of lemon
.1 Cup of flour
.100 grams of bread crumbs
. vegetable oil as required
.5 pieces of diced garlic
.1 pc of egg

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Video Transcription

yeah[Music][Music]to Pattaya young white fish Pilate atthe pool I’m gonna go meet Cody talkwaitNatasha I’m sired white fish finally aTito I fish pilot with the breadcrumbsat it one mana Inc Georgians those arethe ingredients we have this one fishfinally breadcrumbs and flour we haveround block paper and this one gingerthis is optional because I’m putting aadding the ginger so that the smell offish will remove Little Miss meal and wehave also solved and we have cumin andwe have also garlic so those are theingredients and we will marinate firstthe fish pilot okay and then after halfhour or one hour you can fry it or morefor marination more coming good taste ordelicious so we will marinate now wewill marinate it first okay we’ll putfirst the fish fillet and the bow takeone ball and put it all together andwe’ll put brown black pepper the saltand human we will put the ginger andgarlic more garlic more good taste onsome and I forgot to tell the lemon okayand press it like this and thisbreadcrumbs and flour and we need alsoto X okay this one is for lift forprying but this one is for marinationokay and we will mix it like thisto the PO you marinate nothing a fishverify late okay we marinated withalmost two hoursokay and we will put the prop so thatyou will fry it so on for Powerforceokay and mix it with this bread crumb Iwill just pop along Kamiya thisand then the egg one egg you will youwill croc it takes for nothing againadditional somethinglearn it on the pot maybe nothing youfish violets flowering breadcrumb okaydo it like this then we will put firstagain in the put first in and egg put itback again with the breadcrumb and flourthe press will not be shot by Rommelagain – lehayim fish pilot Chaka11:18 ditoI don’t know what are you let will makeit againit’s been a long pop I will put it oneagain here and we will put it in the eggagain can you talk Allah Allah and go inMountain Posethat was easy deposit nothing and thenpress it again for a man again Pilate ohfish Pilate oil[Music]okay without a new fish violates our[Music][Music]Wow it’s done already our fish finallyas you can see I put also tomatocucumber and then fried potato see thisis the outcome of our dish today and I’mhungry again so thank you thank youagain for watching me today and I hopeyou learned something again today for meabout cooking fish thank you so much[Applause]

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