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Cooking Korean food for the first time♥ Korean Stew 김치찌개 +bread ♥ 국룰 소주먹방

하위 Everyone ♥

This is me trying to cook Korean food for the first time. I am from England and have lived here for a while, but I have never cooked real Korean food while I lived here…. but due to the circumstances, I thought I would try!

I don’t know the recipe or how to cook it, I just tried my best to cook Kimchi stew with no practice…lol Minji, my friend’s wife told me to add some sugar and minced garlic so I did… other than that, i just added what I could remember.

I followed the UK way of soups, with using bread instead of rice, but I did follow the Korean rule of Soju with Soup!

Everyone keep safe and thank you for watching.

Take care and good luck for your exams or life ♥


Original of the video here

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