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Bread roll recipe |ब्रेड रोल | how to make bread roll at home

bread roll is one of the common snacks made from bread

bread 1 pack
boil potatoes 3
ginger 1 spoon
garlic 2 spoon
green chilly 2 to 3 as per spicy
coriander powder 1 spoon
coriander leaves 1/2 cup

step 1
cut all the sides of bread
step 2
on pot take boil potatoes add ginger,garlic, green chilly,coriander leaves,coriander powder,salt and mix it well and make over shap patties
step 3
take bread slice put it in little water or sprinkle some water take out excess water put potatoes pattie inside and close it well

step 4
heat oil properly and deep fry tha bread roll

serve with ketchup or chutney
enjoy the the crispy bread roll

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