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Bake With Me IN REAL TIME | Whole Wheat Bread | 跟我一起做全麥麵包 | 廣東話VOICEOVER | ENGLISH SUBTITILE

Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel. Here is another video of Cooking Conmigo! Today let’s bake a loaf of whole wheat bread together! All the preparation and kneading time are in real time so get your ingredients ready and bake with me!

大家好,歡迎來到我的頻道。又來到新一集的Cooking Conmigo。今天我們會一起做全麥麵包! 所有的預備和揉麵團時間都是實時的,所以你拿出材料就可以跟我一起開始啦!

I took reference of the recipe by Bake with Jack, he explained it very well. You can check out his video here:
我的食譜是參考Bake with Jack的,他解釋得很好。你可以在這裡看他的影片:

Ingredients 材料:
350g Bread flour 高筋麵粉
150g Wheat flour 全麥麵粉
7g Yeast 酵母
100ml Water for dissolving the yeast 溶酵母用的水
Water (according to how much your flour needs) 水 (取決於你用的麵粉)
8g Salt 鹽
15g Oil 油

00:24 – 00:44 Introducing ingredients 材料簡介
00:50 – 05:12 Weighing 量重
05:22 – 09:33 Mixing 攪拌
09:56 – 18:03 Kneading 揉麵
18:04 – 21:12 3 mins resting 三分鐘休息
21:15 – 22:48 Shape into a ball
23:06 – 25:07 Preshape
25:14 – 26:02 Coating oil in the baking tray 在麵包模上塗油
26:03 – 28:40 Shape
29:13 – 29:39 Baking 焗麵包
29:45 – 32:38 Result 最後作品

If you have baked with me as well, feel free to send me your results too!

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Background music: Back to normal by Judson Crane from iMovie

Original of the video here

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