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ASMR 🍞 Baking 🥖 Walnut Onion Bread 🥄 Soft Spoken

I had wanted to make a video like this for awhile. I know there is much to improve but I am happy with it overall! I hope you enjoy and let me know if I inspired you to make this recipe!

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-=* RECIPE *=-
5 Cups Flour, 1/2 Cup Extra
1 Tablespoon Salt
2 Tablespoon Sugar
2 Package of Yeast
2 Cups Warm Milk
1/2 Cup Oil
1/2 Cup Walnuts
3/4 Cup Onion

1. Dissolve Yeast in 1/2 Cup Warm Milk.
2. Sift Flour, Sugar, Salt Together.
3. Mix Flour Mixture, Yeast Mixture, Oil and Remaining Milk.
4. Knead Dough Until Well Combined and Springy.
5. Cover and Let Double in Size.
6. Punch Down, Then Mix in Walnuts and Onions.
7. Grease Pans. Shape Into Desired Loaf or Rolls. Let Double In Size Again.
8. Bake @ 400F for 35 Minutes or Until Golden.
9. Let Bread Rest and Cool. Enjoy!

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Video Transcription

hello everyone and welcome to today’svideo today we’re going to be making awalnut onion bread I have some walnutshere from California these are sodelicious and a dear family friend has afarm where they grow tree nuts out thereand they’re doing pretty good forthemselves so they had sent me some ofthese so we’re gonna make these intothis bread I do make and it comes outdelicious so I’m gonna tell you theingredients these measurements will bein us so please adjust themappropriately if you are going to bemaking them yourself I’ll tell youexactly the stuff I’m using however Imodify some of my items and you do nothave to use exactly what I’m using sofor the recipe we have two cups of warmmilk I am using skim milk one onionwhich we’re only going to need about 3/4cup of onion but I usually will try anddo a whole onion or just get a littlesmaller one we’re gonna do 1/2 cup ofolive oilwe have 5 cups of flour but you mightneed more this is all-purpose flour youcan use bread flour if you want a densertake is spread flour is probablypreferred but this is just all-purposeflour makes it nice and easy we havehere 2 tablespoons of sugar along with 1tablespoon of salt and this is actuallya mixgranulated salt and pink Himalayan saltwe have two packets of active dry yeastnow these I believe they said they werefast rising at least when it was in thelarger package however it doesn’t saythat on here anymore and that doesn’treally matterI believe all the ones at my grocerystore were fast rising and I believe wehave covered everything so withoutfurther ado let’s get started so thefirst thing you want to do is warm yourmilk just so you could touch your fingerinto it and it feels warm to your fingerbut it doesn’t feel like it’s burningyou can just microwave begin microwavingtheme a milk in 30-second intervals andmake sure to stir the milk so we’regonna start with thatyou do want your milk warm to the topwhere you could stick your finger in themilk it feels warm but you could leaveyour finger in there it’s not going toburn so to start you’re going to startwith a half of cup of the two cups ofmilk that you have warm now you will getback to that other milk take your twoyeast packets and you’re going to cutthem and the yeast is going right overthe one milk and you’re gonna let thisget nice and foamy I could already beginto smell disease so I’m going to setthis aside while we begin our next taskyou’re going to take a larger bowl nowthis is the bowl that we will be makingour bread ends and you’re going to takeyour flour with 5 cups of flour your twotablespoons of sugar your one tablespoonof salt and you’re going to sift thisI’m gonna just start scooping just likethatand thisso of course you want to start this withclean hands by now my hands are flowerywhich is fine all right so once you siftyour flour into and add your yeastmixture into the bowl along with youroil and the remaining warm milk so inthe yeast goes along with our olive oiland you want to add the remaining amountof warm milk now it’s always good tohave on hand extra flour because this isfive cupsit could always differ this is the partwhere we you are gonna get in here withyour hands start kneading the doughwhich it’s starting to come together nowso that is good I’m gonna go and grabsome flour for my hands after I get someof this off now you could also do thison a stand mixer which I have anindustrial stand mixer in my home sotypically I would be doing that but itis so easy that you could just do thisin a bowl like this show you I did graba decent amount of flour and we’re justgonna be coating our hands that way itwon’t stick to us warm and as you cansee it’s starting to come togethernow you could get all these little bitshere put them in the middle if you’dlike and just fold them in now I’mkneading which is it’s about what okayit’s where you develop gluten in yourbreads once we have a nice lump which Iwould say this is a good lump all theseextra bits are going to come off sodon’t worry I’m not gonna put these intothe mixture because they aren’t wellmixed so to say just going to causeweird situation inside the bread howeveronce we have our bread formed into anice lump and we’ve needed for a littlewhile to make sure that it is firm tothe touch and if you noticed it kind ofsprings back brings back when we push itso that is the bread we are looking fornow this dough has to rise the yeast isgonna become super ultra happy in thereand it’s gonna start release its own gasjust to make it rise so we want to leavethis in a warm place I’m gonna get aseparate Bowl so I usually grab a largeTupperware containerand I will put a little oil in thebottom so I use this oil Californiaolive oil this olive oil is heaven to meI absolutely love it so anyway I’llusually put a little oil in the bottomjust so it doesn’t stick too much nowyou want to leave this in a warm placefind the warmest place in your house andleave it there for me it is my firstfloor because we have heat on at themoment look at this lovely bread cannotdeal with how good this is going to beso I usually plop it in that and I coverit I will be putting the lid on it but Ifirst cover this section with damp papertowelso what I do is I take a damp papertowel I simply go over it like this Itake my lid and I cover it and then wehave in here our bread and we want tolet that rise until it doubles in sizewhile our bread is rising doubling insize we are going to chop our walnuts alittle bit I like a bigger walnut but incomparison will probably do halvesrather than the whole walnut so we aregoing to do that as well as chopping ouronionso just start we’re gonna just chop upthis is one of my favorite knives itcame in a kit you could actually see onit there is a number right there if youwanted this exacto knife it came in akit of knives that were all verycolorful and these cutting boards aregreat because there’s an indentationhere that I could just slide my stuffover something I’m gonna do whateverlooks to be a goodI’m thinking something similar to aquirethough now you could always put these ina food processor which will hopefully bea little quicker for you however theissue I find when you do them is thatthey will tend to over top some intolike a powder or flour chunks especiallyall right so I gave these a nice littlerough chop I’m just going back justchecking some of them but this looksalready much better than before into ourbowl and now for onion so I’m gonna cutan onion probably really weird to howsome of you might cut it so I actuallyleave this kit on pretty first puff Ijust go right for it actually some onthe inside here interesting and then Igo right down and I’ll take I’m onlylooking for 3/4 of a cupso 3/4 of a cup of onion which Iactually have right here which it’s notgonna be too much however you couldstart by cutting this way and then doingthis and you’ll get a nice char triedthis recipe doing caramelized onion andit did work for me so maybe if you saysomething like a little firmer onion youcould definitely put this into a fryingpan or something just to cook it up alittle bit so we do have a nice ruffwe’re not looking for anything prettyone nice rough chop there’s big chunksand there is a little chunksso you could actually just put youronion right with your walnuts for nowlet them chill hang out and becomefriendssimilar ly with our bread I just take adamp paper towel and I cover this nowthe reason I do it with this is mostlyjust because of the onions will stopthat whole crying situation all right soI did want to give a quick update it’sonly thin this maybe has only been about10 minutes and looking at it from theside it has definitely rose from thetime that I have put it in here and theother thing that is interesting when Ido this you could tell it’s workingbecause the Tupperware lid actuallyrounds off rather than staying flat soit’s definitely releasing air andthey’re having fun in there has beenprobably about thirty minutes our lidhas actually popped because it has risenso much so at this time when you want topunch punch down your dough and we’regonna add ourso make sure you have a clean service Iknow this surface is clean I take someflour I take the oiled dough and we’regonna go for our ingredients over hereand now we’re gonna just mix thesetogether kneading our dough I can’t nowthis has really taken shape I’m gonnajust get some of thisanything monster how about just do thatnow this don’t you want to let riseagain another timenow while this stuff is starting to popout which is fine because we’re stilldeveloping the glue and glue it issticky and then what’s getting to thepoint where it is sticky so all of thisstuff is gonna just start sticking tothis dough and again we wanted a roughredso I am going to break this and I couldactually start to see the layers formingnow I am going to break the halves inhalf and then again I am breaking theseso we’re gonna put four to a pan letthat rise again before we bake them soanyway we’re gonna be making some roundsnow you could leave it as one big loafI like rolls so I’ll be doing somearound nowthere’s two methods there’s the likesteering-wheel method or the kind ofthat method me personally I like thissteering wheel method I think I can’tget the mix ins nicely incorporated andit leaves a smoother top and it usuallylooks like this on the bottom but talkabout so yeah I do the steering wheelmethod and you get this lovely roundedtop compared to what it looked likebeforeso in our dish which is oiled dish I’mdoing four of thesenow this role we sell we used to sell aversion at the e3 I worked out because Iliked it so much but they don’t do thatno more I know but we would cover itwith an egg wash and poppy seeds whichjust made it come out so delicious so asyou can see I’m just getting some funsome dough’s is easier to do to therolling method like that but for me itis easier to do this so just to show youwhat’s going on this is our pie dish andthen we have four lovely little lumps sothis we’re gonna set aside for right nowand grab the next dish which we’re goingto just make sure the oil is our eatingprocess again this also helps with thegluten formation and all of those littlepieces that pop out are now getting niceand stuck insideso yeah today we’re gonna do some holesout of heat which will be wait wait Idon’t necessarily want these big chunkson the tops of themI don’t want those tooOhand just as I said before I put theseinto a piratshider but you do not have to do that youdo whatever works so we have our fourrounds here and I’m going to once againcover them in a paper towel and letthese rise double in size again and thenwe will go into baking themit has been another 40 minutes or so andI believe our dough is ready our breadsyou could definitely tell that they havedoubled in size if not larger thanbefore and you could always tell as wellwhen the paper towel that you damp in tocover them it feels dry so again we aregoing to be putting these into our ovennow which we’re gonna preheat the ovento 400 degrees Fahrenheit and these willgo in there for about 45 minutes untilthey are golden brown normally I will doan egg wash which is egg and water mixedtogether and brushed over however todaywe are not going to be doing that forthe simple reason that it’s really notneeded on this recipe so we will bechecking back once they are cookedit has been only 35 minutes in the ovenand the breads are done now there aresome things I want to point out theoriginal time was 45 minutes I reducedit by 10 I felt that the breads would beway too overdone if they stayed in anylonger another thing I have done wasabout half just covered the tops of thebread only because they were smellingvery fragrant and when I checked themthey were looking a little darker so Idid that as well just want to keep ittransparent with you guys you could tellit’s nice and fluffy it looks absolutelydeliciousthey have a very crispy crust verycrispy crust which is great and theseare still warm so I am gonna just cutone you do want to let these cooland that is the lovely inside I wastelling a story of the onion walnutbread that I have made once and itturned football this is that bread butthis is a modified recipe let’s see howjust lovely the air pockets are this isa modified recipe I do a lot ofalternative stuff and most notably todaywhat I’d had done different was chop theonions myself rather than pulse them ina food processor one of the slices herewe’re gonna give it a little tastenow this is a piece from the bottom verycrispy very crunchyall rightthe first bite is yoursall right you guys thank you so much forjoining me today and watching me makesome lovely onion walnut bread I hopethat you guys are inspired to try maybeif not this bread Sun bread inparticular bread is really somethingsuper easy to me so let me know in thecomments below if you plan on makingthis bread or you liked this kind ofvideo make sure to like the video andsubscribe to my channel here on YouTubeI’ll be producing a lot of varietycontent in ASMR and be sure to check meout on Twitch dot TV slash deliciousASMR thank you guys have a good one

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