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✨Making Bread During Quarantine✨

✨Making Bread During Quarantine✨

hewoo in this video im just showing you how i make my bread during this quarantine. i wouldn’t really call it a tutorial, but i guess you could still follow it and do the same thing.

so hopefully you enjoyed my cringe video and you will come back for more. i promise my future videos will be better. :))

thanks for watching ❤️

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Video Transcription

[Music]okay zhonya’s and today I’m gonna weekBrad for like the 10th time because Ilove bragging and quarantine sothis recipe you’re gonna need you canmeasure it or would you still like meand guess because I don’t have fancymeasuring equipment okay so the firststep is obviously wash your hands okayso yes after you’re done with washinghands I mean you’re supposed to do itfor 20 seconds but I’m a lazy piece oftrashso then you just get yourself a bowl Ihave this container thing here becauseeverything fits in years I can do thatthen you put 500 grams of flour I havelike wait hold on okay so youoops oops I have three different onesmister tomorrow video in case like I’mgonna try it guess it’s gonna turn outhorrible I think I’m not really boyI think this is arrived like if I’mgonna need more just a lot more and thenyou are your sugar on your solids theboys are obviously gonna mix the dryingredients together okay so I’m gonnamix everything with this teaspoon thenI’m slowly gonna I’d the water okay so Ihave a facial I’m gonna need more flourfirst I’m gonna put 25 I mean I’m gonnaput just some oil because I don’t knowwhat 25 milliliters of oil looks like asI said I don’t have any fancy measuringequipment so I’m just guessing so I’mjust gonna you’re gonna want to eat thedough until it turns into like you knowa proper dough does that like oh come onyou guysso looks like it’s so sticky this isembarrassing okay so after you’re donelooks something like like this you’regonna want to I put oil in another bowlof the same Bowl I used to say onebecause I don’t like the dishes and mymom doesn’t do them anyways so you’regonna have to turn you’re gonna want tomake the little dough into a bowl likethis then put it inside the bowl and putlike you know the plastic roll on it andliterally paint thin this far becauseit’s a fix but I need this Welkinannoying and I kiss oh no it’sit’s okayso after you finished putting the foilon the bowl you’re gonna want to get atowel put it over it so like keep itwarm and then put in a warm placeso I cannot riseand he’s gonna want to leave it for likean hour or more if you want to like itdoesn’t matter okay so here’s my breadit’s not seen quite a bit like youshould be seasonal I’m proud of myselfnow we’re gonna take it out put it onlike a clean surface and then neat niceit meets it neat neat it you know playwith us like five minutes okay so tradeson kneading it so you need to get like abread it in so they can put your doughin like because I’m not a baker doanything I have is this this glass thingI can put it yeah let me have thisI’m paranoid him and we’re gonna let itrest for another half an hour then we’regonna put it on a hundred eighty degreescelsium Celsius for like 20 25 minuteson finaleoh my god my voice okay so I’m back withmy bro oh wow my bride off to light 30thinks five minutes I’m missing the rockoff as you shared because you don’t wantto bake that this is what it looks likeit’s white so I’m just gonna take somesalt it makes pretty cool someone’s hopefor like you know play ball then havesome but I hope you can’t see y’all butI get it in my head it’s Peppa Pigo’clock not pink a littledon’t be quite terrifying any of theseare we gonna put it in the oven for like13and then we’re gonna come back backit’s been like 35 minutes almost 20 nowI’m just gonna take the bread out afterI eat close to finish it oh oh yeah ohhere it is and I’m gonna try it’s stillso hard on itmm-hmm that’s pretty good okay so thiswas and if you enjoyed it if you likedit please give it a like and subscribeyou don’t have to do Polly you treat mehappy if you did so yeah I just hopeyou’ll watch my future videosyou

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