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How to make pancakes//with egg//easy pancakes

Directions for how to do pancakes
–Take a bowl break one egg and add sugar,whisk it well
–Add milk and whisk.
–I cup of maida,1 tbsp baking powder,a pinch of salt:seive it and whisk it.
–Add 2tbsp oil whisk it
–Do pancakes on the heated pan

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guysso today’s video is gonna be on how todo pancakeslet’s get startedone cup of water one eggone cup of milk two tablespoon sugarhalf spoon saltin a bowl break one egg and add twotablespoons of sugar or as per yourtasteand start whisking for a whileand add half a cup of milkand whisk it for a while and add 1 cupof maidaand add half spoon of baking powderand add half spoon of saltand sieve itand start whiskingand add 2 tbsp of cooking oiland start whiskingand whisk it untiluntil this consistency and heat the panand pour some oil nowpour the batter into the heated pannow flip the pancakeso this is the second onenow pour some oils to its surroundingsso it start bubbling like this afterthat you can flip itso this is a second pancake and it hasworked outso this is a third pancakeso add oil to its surroundingsso it starts bubbling like this as thelast one and flip it enoughso this is a third onesorry fourth one guysso this is our fifth one guysso as the other pancakes you have to dothe same you have to do the same orderso our pancakes are ready guysso guys our video has been ended pleaselike sharecomment and subscribe to our channelso thanks guys for your support for thefirst video we’ve gotalmost 20 subscribers

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