Waffles Recipes

Wild Orange Christmas Pancakes & Waffles 🥞 🧇 🍊

Here is how I cook with oils in the kitchen. Enjoy!

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Video Transcription

Merry Christmas Oilers good morning oneof our traditions is Christmas pancakesand waffles so it’s gonna show you howwe do that we do simple Millsthese are gluten free grain free veryclean ingredients you mix it up in herefollow the instructions and then we addtwo to three drops of wild or innocentwild orange essential oil right into thebatter mix it up you could do cinnamonor cassia or tangerine whatever’s yourfavorite and then just follow theinstructions do like your regularwaffles and they turn out amazing so ifyou haven’t tried cooking with youressential oils this is a great time totry it we put peppermint in our hotchocolate or in our Christmas cookies wewish you a very Merry Christmastake care bye

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